Friday, December 02, 2005

It's that time of year again.

YUP, it's that time of year again. I have started to have the xmas spirit this year. I am glad because last year I wasn't really into it. Chris' divorse was still pending, we still had too much furniture in the house to make room for my xmas decorations and I hadn't made any of my xmas baking stuffs because of my recent diagnosis diabetese.

This year , Chris is divorsed. We also rented a storage space to put most of his extra furniture with a few of mine. We have cleared a space for the xmas tree this year. In past yrs I had put it all up, downstairs next to the fireplace but given that we have to be with Luc all day upstairs, we really wouldn't enjoy it. So a place has been cleared upstairs so we can enjoy it all day. I also intend to do some baking. I have lost 40lbs so far and part of the reason is not depriving myself of my favorite things by using moderation. Last but not least, Chris' two children are coming for xmas. They live in Paris France and Chris hasn't spent xmas with them for the last 4 years. I am thrilled for him, it will do them all good to spend this time together. We unfortunately anticipate his ex wife of somehow sabataging their trip. She seems to enjoy trying to hurt Chris every chance she gets. So we will only allow ourselves to believe that they will actually be here when they step off the plane in Montreal. If that happens they will be here for 3 weeks. If they don't, we will have lost almost $2000 in airfare and theres not a whole lot we can do about it. So send good vibes our way, it can only help lol.

Today is my day out of the house. I look forward to seeing all the xmas decorations in the stores. Getting some shopping done and going to a resturant for supper. We will do our own tree decorating next week given Chris has to work all weekend. I need him to help me bring up all the boxes from downstairs. He already did the outside though, looks really nice. Our first snow has already melted but as soon as we have some more I will take a photo of the outside lights on the house. Snow makes it look so much better lol. We have 5 columns infront of my house so Chris wound big red ribbon around them so they look like candy canes.

I hope I get a few good gift ideas today. I am almost done with my family out west. We do a hat pick among us between the 4 cpls. We don't include the children though we all get alittle something for the 3 kids between us. Since we are all across the country, we try to pick something out of the Sears catalog so we can have it shipped directly to them. That way we save the shipping. Since it's something they gave us the idea about anyway, it's not big deal that they have to wrap it for under the tree. When that doesn't happen, well we pack a parcel lol. Luckily this yr, most is from the catalog.

Next week at the very latest, Chris and I have to get a photo taken . My sister was supposed to take an engagement pic of us but it was not from lack of trying that it didn't happen. It was either her schedule or ours that it just didn't come to be. I really wanted to have one done to put in my xmas cards this year. I just a trim with a colour touchup done yesterday so next week Chris and I HAVE to get it done. I don't care if its with a timer and a tripod or even the cam on the computer as long as its a pic I can live with lol. I have to mail out my cards soon and being a stickler for perfection it takes me time to do them all. I have this weekend to do my xmas letter that I include in all of them but the time consuming part is the envelopes. I do all the addresses in caligraphy. No not with a printer!!! I do them by hand! lol. I think it looks beautiful on a nice xmas envelope, kinda old world looking. I think it adds a personal touch and hey, I think I would enjoy recieving one of my cards in the mail looking like that lol. But that's just me.
Anyway..till next long winded post...enjoy this season. Even all the hussle and bussle. Be thankful to be alive and most importantly...I am easily pleased so what ever u get me for xmas will be absolutely GREAT! hehe....oxox


JustSue said...

Merry Christmas Moonie & Obie! It sure sounds like you are getting into the spirit...and WELL DONE on your weight loss! You must be feeling fantastic! Sending you both much love and best wishes ...and every good vibe that Chris' kids step off that plane in Montreal to give you both the best Christmas present imaginable! xxoo Ladybird_67

Amanda said...

Moonie, I think the calligraphy is beautiful, but I just hope youre thankfull that my name is legible on my cards.