Saturday, December 17, 2005


For those who wanted to know...Chris' children arrived safe and sound. Not without stress on our parts mind you. For the obvious reasons wondering initially if his ex would get them to the airport on time then yesterday..arrival day, we got hit with a wopper of a snow storm. Starting early started snowing nonstop..schools were closed and all domestic flights going in and out were cancelled. We had the Air France website on keeping track of their flights. They had a short flight to Paris to start then a direct flight from Paris to Montreal. We saw by the website that it had left we were then concerned it wouldn't land in Montreal with this storm.

Highways were blocked or just full of accidents and my ex even called after driving into Montreal for work to suggest Chris leave for the airport right then to be on time...This was said at 9am..flight was due at 3pm...its normally a one hour drive.....We weighed the options and decided to wait till the plows had begun making headways. ...He left at noon...and it went well, and just under 2 hours but only because he stayed behind a snow plow.

They landed fine...Chris was at the gate waiting. Almost 2 hours later, they still hadn't come through the gate. Apparently others waiting were starting to snarl. Chris was becoming impatient to say the least...he hadn't seen his kids in 9 months and before that it had been almost 3 long yrs. (This was not by choice believe me)

The phone rang and when I answered Chris announced.. THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED!!!...WHOOOO HOOOO....

When Chris signed for the kids. (son 11yrs & daughter 13 yrs old) .they had an airline attendant..she informed Chris that it is a NO, NO! to have minors transport cigarettes and alcoholic beaverages!...Chris was like WTF?...then figures that his daughter must have a bottle of wine as a gift from France for her looks at both kids with attendant there and says...OK, WHICH ONE OF YOU SMOKES NOW!?!?... that even had the attendant laughing. LOL....

They got home an hour later, as the roads had been plowed. It was great to see them. More hugs and kisses. Sat down to supper and watched as my Chris had twinkles in his eyes and a beaming smile as he and his kids goofed around together. I was so happy for them all.

Chris has to work this weekend but after tuesday he is off till Jan 3rd. Poor kids are stuck here with me and Luc lol...they atleast have the pc to play on. I actually got alot done. Made 4 batches of fudge, and aprox 130 xmas cookies.

We have 3 precious weeks with them. I hope they have a great time here with us. I send hugs to all my friends..and hope u all get your xmas stuff done in time. HUGS TO EVERYONE


Red Clover said...

Moon I'm so happy for you guys. I'm sure you will all have a great time..

Thanks for helping me "bully" Les into comming. I should be booking the tickets on Monday. Yay!!

Shannon said...

I'm so thrilled for you that things went well. I know what a strain Chris had been under, not just the weather and all that, but just the fact that the kids' mother was being such a certifiable twAt.

Got my Aunt's box out this morning so all I have to do is wrap everything and wait for the fireworks on Christmas Day over the one person who we know is gonna be a pain just cuz they can be.

Big hugs to all!

JustSue said...

Moonie I am so glad they made it there safe and sound! When the storm hit us here in Toronto on Thursday heard on the tv news that the flights into and out of Montreal had been cancelled. Glad to hear that it didn't affect you too much! Merry Christmas to you all!

lab munkay said...

:) for you!