Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Year Comes to a Close

As I reflect apon this past year I have alot to be thankful for.

1. Last January after 3 long years of trying, Chris finally got his divorce! All that was left to do was send a pile of documents to France to have them processed in order for them to Recognize said divorce.

2. Chris' ability to surprise me continues to amaze me. Wether by being just the man that he is or how special he makes me feel. It seems that it keeps getting better as the years we spend together acumulate. (hands out free barf bags for all those just ready to hurl as we speak...HAHA)

3. Being able to sit down with Chris at a jewelers and design our rings for the future. We are neither difficult or extravagant, our choices were very simple in design but they turned out to be the most beautiful rings in the whole wide world. HEHE

4. Getting a Brand New Vehicle , a first for both of us. Although Chris had an accident within 3 days of having it, no one was hurt and everything turned out fine in the end. We are still very pleased with our choice of the SantaFé.

5. Flying out west to visit family this summer and also showing Chris some of the Canada I come from.

6. Crying as Chris looks up at me from bended knee asking me to marry him. This all among family I hold dear.

7. Being in a closed Bakery with so many choices and so little time!

8. After 4 years of promising, finally redecorating Cléo's room.

9. My dad and his wife coming for a visit and buying Cléo a piano and paying for lessons as well.

10. My little girl turning 15! Where did the time go?

11. Getting a new laptop cause the old one died. My sanity was on the line cause I hate daytime TV!

12. Finally getting the official Recognition from France that Chris is Divorsed! Yes! 11 months later!

13. Having Chris' son and daughter here for Christmas has been a real treat for all of us. We will bring in the New Year with his children and my daughter who have been getting along famously. Chris also announced to them during a private moment that we are engaged and will be getting married. Their first thought was, CAN WE BE AT THE WEDDING?!... so that was positive lol.

14. I can also thing of a thousand moments during the year that I enjoyed my friends company. Wether it be in person by phone, chat or even through reading their blog. I never had a huge number of true friends but the ones I do are very important to me.

I could cite many more things from this year but as we know I am long winded to start with, it would turn into a book.
Let me just wish for everyone reading this , A Very Happy New Year!!!!

From my family to yours BONNE ANNEÉ!!!


Anna said...

What a year of blessings hon. The new year promises a ton more.

I wish you and yours the happiest of New Years my beautiful friend. It's already starting out wonderful with all of you together!

*hugs and Kisses*

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous year Monette! Here is wishing you both many more wonderful years to come!

JustSue said...

OOps ...that was me...sorry clicked on the wrong thing ...anyways ...Happy New Year to you both...and many more happy memories yet to be made!

Carmi said...

Hi Moon. I'm digging into your archives again. Hope that's OK.

It's funny how the simplest things in life are ofen the most fulfilling. Strange, isn't it?