Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Beginnings and Hard Goodbyes

Today was Chris' first day back at work. At the same place but different job. A new beginning for him in the Production field as a training Supervisor. For the next month or more Chris will be working 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday . Once his training is done, he will start the actually post of weekend supervisor.. Fridays to Sundays on 12 hour shifts.

Untill training is done, it will be a very long haul with him being gone 5 days a week. How other ppl do it I don't know lol. Some may think...YUCK at weekends. For us it's the opposite. Since I work at home and the clients are always here anyway, doesn't matter that he works weekends. It actually works out better that he is normally home 4 days a week on weekdays. It isn't as crowded in the stores when we go shopping or do what ever. I much prefer him home 4 days a week and work 3 long days. He does too . It also saves on gas and usage of the vehicle when he does a weeks worth in 3 days. Less milage and 4 less trips. He also gets a bonus for working weekends. It's all good. Now we just have to get through this training stint before our normal routine can kick in.

Oh and he also gets a kick ass raise for having gotten the supervisor position. I am so proud of my sweety.

He has already warned them of not being in on Thursday. It is the day he takes the kids to the airport. I am hoping to go with them all, it will be bitter sweet. I don't want Chris to be alone after they go through those gates if I can help it.

I have to say the whole visit has been really good. I think the kids had a good time. We pretty much let them all do what they wanted lol. It's the holiday afterall. My daughter and his kids all stayed up till the wee hours most nights. They played on the PS2 or the computer or just watched movies together. We were glad because it really helped them all to bond pretty well. Not one fight or argument over 3 weeks! Now that is awesome in itself lol.

Chris announced to the kids that we were engaged ...during a quiet moment alone with them. All they said was WE WANT TO BE HERE FOR THE WEDDING!! lol So that was a good thing.

Chris and the kids had lots of fun together. They went sliding on crazy carpets and like a fool, Chris being a big goober hurt his ribs from throwing himself down head first down the hill , I don't know how many times!! We also went to the movies a cpl times. He took them to a lazer tag place and had a hoot. Did some shopping. We didn't go out as much as we thought but just being home in pj's was alot of fun too.

It will be hard when the kids leave but I think they feel closer to their dad now and to Cleo and I . They are certainly comfortable here lol. I am really pleased with the visit as I am sure Chris is. What a great gift it has been for him and us.


Anna said...

I knew the visit would be awesome for all of you.

Your home (notice I didn't say house, because there really is a difference) is so filled with love and peace that anyone who is there can feel it.

I'm so glad that you all got to spend and share quality time with one another. After all that is the best gift anyone could ever give.

Congrats Chris honey, and happy New Year to you all.

JustSue said...

It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time - I am so glad that everyone got along and the visit was such a sucess!