Friday, January 06, 2006

Last Day Together

This wasn't taken yesterday but the day before. I had to start with this pic, I just love it. Morning cuddle with dad..she may look tall but she is just a little girl at that moment.
At the airport. We had lunch and Chris kept everyone laughing......Are those boys handsome or what??
Chris, Mahault and Cléo.
Yup, she is his daughter alright.

Even in the last moments when Chris knew they would fall apart, he kept those kids laughing..cutting up..goofing around...I had a lump in my throat watching him be the man he is.
They kept it together but it was with great effort for all 3...Chris amazed me in the way he kept them busy laughing till the last moments so they couldn't get too deep in the saddness of parting. I think the hardest part for him was watching them go through the gates and seeing how they were holding it together untill we couldn't see them anymore once through the detectors. He knew how big all their lumps in the throats were. His little man was red eyed but smiling as they waved for the last time. Mahault also kept a smile for those last waves but her eyes were the truth tellers.
It was a visit far better then we could have even hoped for. We look forward to the next one.

We recieved word in the wee hours that they arrived safe and sound in Paris then with the smaller flight to home..All was collected and accounted for. They left with heavier bags and we filled one more extra HUGE ass suitcase we had stored away collecting dust.
So all is well that ends well.


Anna said...

That first picture of Chris and Mahault on the sofa made my eyes water.

I'm so happy you guys were blessed with that time together. I'm sure none of you will ever forget this christmas.

*hugs and kisses*

Rae said...

Just reading your post and looking at the pics Moon made me get a lump in my throat... I barely begin to imagine what it would be like to put my kids on a plane and not knowing when I may see them again... tell Chris ig hugs from me and chin up ;)

JustSue said...

What beautiful photos Monette! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Red Clover said...

Chris is such a good man. I'm glad he's yours. You guys deserve each other. >:D< I know how hard it was to watch 'em leave. Chin up Chris.

lab munkay said...

Crap Moon, looking at your pic make me miss Canada. I want to come back as a French Canadian. Thanks for sharing your pics.