Sunday, January 15, 2006


Last night I was up way tooo late chatting with a few very good friends. This is something that hardly happens anymore. So when it it ever FUN!!...Just us few women together and man oh we ever enjoy talking girl talk lol.

What makes me sad it that it doesn't happen often anymore. I remember a time when a whole bunch of us got together on a regular basis in a chatroom and had great fun. Granted we had to put up with alot of ass potatos and fart popsicles...(just a variation on the words, dorks or fucktards)....but they were easily ignored and we moved on.

Yahoo made some changed so there is no longer user rooms. Since then, it just hasn't been the same. I and others have gone into existing rooms where there are a few regs we know but frankly...I am lucky to last more then 5 minutes.

I have either changed alot in the yrs I have been online or the population in yahoo has changed lol. I made many friends over the yrs in chat. Many I have actually been able to meet for real with their partners and some the whole family. I have made real friends I will keep for years to come.

I realize that chat is comprised of all kinds of ppl from all over the world but......before I got the impression of having interesting or funny or serious or silly conversations...all while meeting lots of ppl interested in the same thing.

Now it seems to be a fuck fest full of ignorant pions who know how to turn a computer on. I am the first to admit that flirting was a mainstay of chat alot of the time and could be funny and light hearted . But its outrightly gross , classless and at times TMI!!...

Yes, some could say, I should just leave or ignore...they are right. I do leave...even if I know a person or two in a room and begin a convo...if I were to start ignoring the one else would be left in the room lol...

I guess I just wonder what ever happened to having alittle class?...It used to be a norm for ALOT (not all) of men to act like total losers or perverts . Show their little PP.s on cam then send women unwanted invites to view even though we never asked for them. There was even often the odd cam whore or cam a room that needed attention and couldn't get any in a *Cam Room* so would come to a *labelled chat room...and thus wake up all the cam directors....we always felt sorry for those women who felt they had to show thier bits on cam to get some male attention.

The difference now is that there seems to be less and less intelligent life forms in chat lol. Lots of whores, male and female doing it on cam, tweaking their nipples, slappin their booty while bending over and bragging about it, more women talking like truck drivers, and so many who can barely grasp the english language...when it's the ONLY one they speak. .....

Don't get me wrong..I am all for freedom of doing what you want. I just wonder what happened to self respect or common courtacy or intelligence conversation no matter what the subject.

Let's not forget all the ppl cheating on their partners...damn...profiles that actually say ''Married but looking''....WTF?... Personally if I saw that and I was single , I would have enough brains to know that if that person was cheating or wanted to now, what's to say they won't do it in their NEXT relationship?...Unfortunatly I have met way to many women and men who have fallen into that trap over and over again. WAKE UP !!...Integrity..try looking for some of that in a person....GEEZ..if a person is unhappy with their life or partner...leave and start over THEN try to meet someone. If not, try to work it out with your partner..don't go trolling while your still living with someone...would you like it done to you? I have seen ppl, leave one person to go live with another after a worldwind then ask themselves why it didn't work WELL DUH!!... It's about as evident as a truck coming straight at you NO?

I know some will take offense of some of the things I am saying today...everyone has their own story I know but I am speaking in general and of things I have seen over and over in the last 5 or so years since I started chatting.

I also have nothing against cams, I have loved seeing my friends on cam just as they have seen me it is like having my friends over for a coffee...they see me and I see them...or if my partner walks by and waves or my daughter they have been invited into my home as I have been in theirs.

Just to clearify things to some, I am not talking about the chat rooms labelled xxx or the rooms with very clear sexual content announced...I am refering to simple chat rooms.

Anyone who knows me knows I have had fun being silly in chat like the next guy. I can also swear in 2 languages when the situation is called for lol. If the it's not all the crass and gross crap going on then its just plain rudeness.

I have hopped into so many rooms to say hello and be totally ignored just because I am not part of the clique*. I know that you sometimes have to be persistant and jump into the convo when u can and I do. I can even be pretty funny when I want to be and even that doesn't budge some rooms. I wonder if they remember what it was like to be new in a room. To even have some ppl type in a room...WHO IS THIS MOON PERSON? I broke a law in going in are public rooms. They were never a newbie?.....Good lord, its so highschool it almost funny....

There are a few gems out there and by gems I mean...nice ppl who are just trying to pass some time talking with ppl just like them. Polite enough to say hi or how are you, where are you from or what ever.

Just so sad that those ppl seemed to be drowned out more and more by the rest of the crowd of ignorant masses.

I am very thankfull for the handfull of true friends I have made from chatting over the years. We have all shared part of our lives with eachother, been in eachothers homes whether it be by chat, phone or for real. Known about the happy and the sad that we have gone through and tryed to be there in what ever capacity was possible to either rejoyce or cry together.

I can truelly say that I have been blessed by chat for those very reasons, including the best of all, meeting Chris through chat...

At one time, chat was what kept me sane. Working at home, being isolated, chat was a great way for me to talk to ppl and help pass some of the time. It also helped when I was unhappy with my former relationship.. in having ppl to talk to or just help me forget about my problems. It helped me when I left said relationship and started over again. It helped me while I was adjusting to being alone again after a 14 yr relationship. It helped.....just being among friends..

Chat rooms like those seem to be long gone......maybe I will see that the meantime...the moments like lastnight when a few of us get together are that much more precious.


Red Clover said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said here Moon.

There was a time there was at least a bare minimum of respect from most people. Now it's just a booty-call-wanna-be.

Flirting used to be fairly tasteful. Now "flirting" is show-me-your-boobs.

I do miss everyone getting together and sharing, laughing, and teasing with each other.

Now it's so rare when it does happen I feel like I've spotted the Loch Ness Monster. lol

T. said...

Chat rooms scare me! LOL.

I work from home too so I know what you're saying about isolation. It's tough sometimes.

Anna said...

That post explains pretty much why most of us are never in chat anymore...

except when a few of us go into a small room like we did last night. I had a great time and I think we appreciate it even more now that they are so rare.

We need to have a scheduled girls night ;)

JustSue said...

Well said Monette!

I think the main reason I never go into chat anymore can be summed up with that wonderfully descriptive word "fuktards".

Having said that, if it wasn't for chat, I would never have met you all!