Friday, January 13, 2006


So yesterday I had to take my new border Ray..for his yearly checkup. He is the one that moved in just before December. Ray is always happy and smiling and a pleasure to be with, such a difference from my former border who sucked my soal dry lol.

So I met his doctor who was a big burly bearded man with a very jovial disposition and liked him immediatly. He spoke nicely to Ray and took the time to joke around with him. Unlike so many who barely lift their head from looking at papers or hardly address the patients like my borders.

Raymond apparently hadn't had a regular checkup in some years. Also being 53 yrs old his doctor had to go through a basic checklist of questions for his dossier...during this whole time the doctor spoke quite robustly, I just assumed it was part of his personality.

Doc...''Ray, do you have any pain anywhere?''
Ray...''No''...(always with his big smiling face)
Doc...''Do you ever get headaches?''
Doc...''Do you see clearly?''
Ray... ''Oh Yes, I see good.''
Doc...''Are you deaf or hard of hearing?''
Doc...''So why am I shouting?!?
Ray...Tilts his head, shrugs his shoulders still smiling says ''I don't know''
Doc bursts out laughing and so do I....I look at Ray and say '' Good answer Ray'' LOL
Doc and I both again laugh some more . Doc tells me that for some reason Ray reminds him of one of the older patients he has who is hard of hearing so he always has to speak loudly to him...he had to remind himself that Ray WASN'T him lol.
This ofcourse made Ray laugh aswell and that in itself is contagious cause he has a kind of giggle that makes u laugh no matter what.
During the physical examination on the other side of the door I could hear him the whole time. It was so cute....''Wow, good strong heart Ray''...and Ray was like....''Oh yes (giggle) me strong!''...
''Oh I can see that!'' Doc says..then with tummy exam....''Oh I can tell thats a tummy full of cookies!''...and Ray giggles...''Oh yes, cookies are good..MMMM(giggle)''

I guess I was just so touched at this doctor's manner. More doctors should be this way. We left there all smiles and I have no doubt the doctor enjoyed our visit.

Over the 10 years I have been a foster family for these clients, I have met all kinds of doctors . Some are nice enough and I am the first to realize that they have THOSE bad days or patients Too...but some make no efforts at all. Others just treat u like a number.

When you think that a simple Doctor's visit made mine and Ray's day...THAT'S saying ALOT for this fine Doctor.......



m72ga said...

Cookies are good!!! "C" is for cookie... that's good enough for me! Can you tell I am a sucker for cookies? Finding a doctor like that would almost be as good as cookies!

Shannon said...

That's awesome to hear!

It's difficult enough finding doctors that work with the population that you do and have them be empathetic to you and the clients' plight, but it's just that much more endearing to find a doctor that so obviously enjoys what he's doing.

I hope I'm so lucky as to work for a doctor like that.

Big hugs to ya!

Anna said...

I am so glad you and Ray had a good visit. It is really great when you find a wonderful doctor. I know how difficult it is.

I was sad in June when our pediatrician retired. He's been the family pediatrician for 37 years and he'd come in even when he wasn't scheduled for us. My kids pictures were on his desk ;).
He even cancelled a full day of patients to attend my grandmother's funeral.

It's a good thing I have his home number ;)