Tuesday, January 02, 2007


WOW.. the Holidays have flown by for me. I wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR-BONNE ANNÉÉ to all.

I started the first day of the year in emergency!...Not for me thankfully..But for my blind guy unfortunately. Little man started a low grade fever Friday morning. I called the clinic he doc is at to be told no doctors on call till the 2nd. Hmm Ok...I will keep a close eye on him..he wasn't coughing hardly...(he has a tick cough so nothing out of ordinary)...he wasn't rasping or even have a runny nose.....he would only get a fever in the evenings...102-101 etc..so kept dosing tylenol...and giving him lots of fluids etc.....but Monday morning 6:30 am JANUARY 1ST...fever shot up to 104...called 911...and hopped in an ambulance with him. After tests...and xray, he was found to have pnuemonia. Even doc could not have been able to tell without xray, and given he is mute and mentally handicapped, I did everything right up till that point. They kept him overnight, to give him a good boost of intervenus intibiotics. We should be picking him up sometime today.

As for myself, I have been sick almost all the period of the holidays. Very sore throat...feeling like crap, tired....some good days, some bad. Just getting the xmas stuff done has been a chore....and some of that didn't get done. But we did have a lovely xmas...my daughter and niece were here and both clients...everyone was happy and very spoiled.

I feel quilty though...its the first time in over 20 yrs that I didn't do my xmas cards. I just didn't have the energy even though I had looked forward to sending a nice wedding pic out to my far away relatives and friends. My xmas letter never got finished...it just lacked umphf...so needless to say the blog also took a back seat in my world.

We are still in the midst of banking crap also...with my surgery coming soon...we are still dealing with the bank...all will go through but the red tape is infernal...which has caused me alot of stress. I am usually a calm person, but this stuff gets to me. I like to have my ducks in a row..thankfully Chris is the one to assure me things will all be fine. I knew I did the right thing by marrying him lol.

As for surgery, I CAN'T WAIT!... I go for all my prelim tests on the 15th...getting it all done that day...between two clinics...each across the street from the other so they arranged to work together for me, to it get all done...so I get blood work done, dietician consult, psych consult, heart and chest checks and exercises.....then leave there with a box full of optifast...I have to start a liquid diet 2 weeks before surgery..that will not be easy for sure...BUT it will make my stumach shiny new for surgery and it seems it also shrinks the liver abit to give the doc more room to work in there. Anyway..I am just anxious to get it all over with.

Some have asked me if I know the risks or that it is a major surgery, or any number of things. Let me address those questions now. I am aware of ALL the risks..and my doctor was great in answering all my questions..he also said it showed that I had done my research. My questions were very valid and I had some that most wouldnt have thought of. I have also had 7 yrs to think about it since I started on the waiting list. I have NO DOUBTS that this is the right thing to do for me and my health.

I also realize that my eating habits will drastically changed the moment I start my liquid diet. So I think most would understand that I have enjoyed eating all the good stuff we all make for xmas lol....I have always had a good appetite lol....In future I will still be able to taste but that will be enough.

Last but not least...I have hardly opened my yahoo...I have had all but a few ppl from my huge list of friends that have actually inquired about me...I am not whining believe me lol..it will just make my life easier to delete alot of ppl I havent spoken to in forever. I will no longer feel the need to sent a little note of (hello, hope all is well with u, say hi next time u are online so we can catch up).....like I used to do. I realise we all have our lives...I am proof of it with my blog absenses of late...but u know who your friends are in short order when u have gone missing for abit...just a short comment or email or private message from those few who care makes all the difference....I know who those ppl are....hell even some of my blog readers have sent some last month...I appreciate it.

I will try to keep a better update...and to my friends out there...thank you. To my blog friends that even after all this time check to see if I have updated my blog...thankyou also. Big hugs to all...and .......I WISH FOR ALL A GREAT YEAR FULL OF......

..................GOOD LOVE....GOOD LIFE......AND GOOD HEALTH..............


JustSue said...

Finally!! Ya had me worried girlfriend!

Seems EVERYONE has been sick over the holls...yep, even me! Naturally I was well enough to go back to work after my holidays however...grrrr!

Glad to see you are back in the Blogosphere. Hope to see you post more often over the next few months to keep us all up to date with your surgery and sucesses!!

Anonymous said...

I did keep checking here to see if you had disappeared both places. Thought you had the surg already then re read how it was in Jan.
I apologize for not sending an IM to check on you. I look forward to your Hello's so please forgive me my lapses and keep them coming my way.
If you need me, you know i am with in driving distance away. Still unemployed and trying to fix that.
You are in my prayers that all will go smoothly for you.

Ramona said...

Sorry to hear that you have been ill, and the your client also took a turn for the worse. Hope you are all feeling better now.
Good luck with your surgery. Sounds like you have done your research and that this is something you've put a lot of thought into.
Good Luck! Bonne Chance!
And, Happy New Year!
I'll be looking forward to hear how your surgery went and how things go for you afterwards.

Anna said...

It's been a busy month that's for sure but I'm so glad we got to catch up briefly the other day. I really miss you hon.

It's so good to see a blog post, I check everyday even if that's the only time I do get on here.

I'm hoping it slows down soon.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year

Glad to know that everything is going smoothly with the coming surgery. Will certainly keep you in my prayers.


Bess said...

Glad to hear your update. I'll be thinking of you on Monday -- hope all of your tests go quickly and painlessly. :) And that the liquid diet goes alright. ;P

Rae said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well and on track. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. Also glad to get an update on how you've been... I understand the not feeling well thing... I'm still sick from before christmas... and yeah I went to the doc...

Give Chris a big hug for me hun >:D<