Tuesday, January 23, 2007


All the stress I was living through, about having payment by today (Tuesday) have been lifted! Now I have tears of joy! Relief! and Happiness to just focus on the surgery itself.

Did the bank get their shit together u may ask......No!

Did medical financing come through? .....Small part yes but mostly.....No!

Did unlocking our investments and Rsp's happen in time?.......No!

All these things are still pending and will happen, but just not in time for when we needed it all.

I was blessed with the kindness of a loved one who had the means to help us at the right moment. Unexpected and out of the blue we were called late lastnight to be told not to worry, I could sleep comfortable because it would be payed on time. I have to say it took me quite a while to finally sleep only because my tears kept coming lol.

This day was a mad dash for all concerned but it got done. I can't begin to express how my heart feels. It's swollen with emotion and gratitude. I can now focus on surgery without all the extra stress. We still have all the pending things to do and finish but with less urgency. Now it will be done to pay back everything and not have to worry anymore.

Ironically I feel like a HUGE weight has already been lifted!

One week from today at this time I will have had my surgery. Hard to believe after waiting 7 yrs for this. It's actually happening.

Day 8 of my liquid diet hasn't improved my opinion about the taste of the crud I have to (*&?%! ) drink! lol....but hey, never thought I could get this far. BRAVO ME!!

HuGS..... I will be back to blog soon.


Ramona said...

Good luck with the rest of your liquid diet (gross!) and especially good luck with your surgery. I'm glad that you got your financing and you can focus on The New You.
Bonne Chance!

Anna said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news, I knew it would work out but I also knew that the stress was killing you and I wished there was a way to take it away.

That part is over now, thank goodness and you're doing great on the liquid diet. I'm so very proud of you Monette. You are amazing!

You too Chris, you are her front line of support and what a wonderful front line you are.

*hugs* to you both.

JustSue said...

Thank heavens! What a relief! Now let's look forward to next week!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and Chris. I will keep you both in my prayers. You are braver than me. As I was reading the blogs, I kept thinking that you are right...the liquid diet is more of a psychological test, to weed out those who aren't serious about changing their eating habits. I've seen too many people go through this surgery, to only gain weight back, but your spirit, determination and awesome husband will make you successful. People are going to start calling you "SLIM"...OMG. Won't that be nice!!!! Again, best wishes to you both and you will have a very Happy, Healthy New Year. Love, Lori