Monday, June 23, 2008


Growing up in a small town, we always got so excited when the travelling Carnival came to town. As a little girl, I remember being so in awe of all the excited noises, the sparkling lights , the smell of cotton candy and popcorn, caramel apples. That curious gypsy way of life the ppl worked there was also intreguing to me.

Oh and the rides were also alot of fun too! LOL

Even now..that little girl feeling flutters inside of me when the Carnival comes to town. I can't wait to take in the the sights and sounds.

Where we live is just a block from the area they set up every yr, next to the Hockey Arena.. So Chris and I walked over there last Sat evening.

Carnival in town (2008) 9

The sound of the little ones on the rides, the parents taking photos as fast as they can, at each turn the child gets close lol.

Carnival in town (2008) 8

The Games...the prizes..the pull by the vendors...STEP RIGHT UP! ...WIN A PRIZE!..

Carnival in town (2008) 7

OH the Screams from the bigger rides!!..The loud music..the teens trying to hold on tight, while flying around at warp speed, all while clinging to the stuffed toy their bf won for them.

I rarely get on those rides anymore. I just enjoy watcing others scream with glee or hyseria lol.

Carnival in town (2008) 6

My hero won me a stuffed toy too YAY! I was all giddy like a school girl...I chose a our dogs would go nuts tearing it apart lol. It even has a meow build into it.

So I asked Chris to smile pretty with the toy, for the the good husband that he is...did......

Carnival in town (2008) 3

Then I asked him to show us how he REALLY FELT!! about winning his prey.....

He came, and he conquored!!!!.......HE DE MAN!!! ARGH ARGH ARGH!!

Carnival in town (2008) 4

So the woman is proud and happy with her MAN... bats her eyelashes looking up at him....As they head home, she glides next to him, with her hand in the crook of his arm, and he saunters, chest puffed out.....all the way home.

Carnival in town (2008) 2

Atlast...the new kitty is introduced to the u can see Clochette is smitten with the kitten lol..Shinoo could care less...and well Tayo, our boy is no where to be seen as the meowing makes him cry LMAO!!

MISC. 056

Needless to say, we had a really nice evening...

The fresh, hot little beignettes, drenched in icing sugar ...we brought home to have with coffee.....was the "icing" on the cake lol.

Do you like the travelling Carnavals or u would rather just go to the big theme parks? I don't mind seeing those pib parks once in a while, but something is to be said for those small carnivals....If it weren't for them, I would never have seen anything like it growing up.


Traci Dolan said...

You have such lovely photos and it did bring back memories!

Star said...

You ywo are too cute! Looks like you had fun. When I was a ki I thought those carnivals were fun too. As a parent, I went out of my way to not drive past themso the kids wouldn't know about them. Theyr're a little scary.

Omykiss said...

Hi moon ... I just love those old fashioned travelling shows. Brought up in scotland we used to call them "fairs". It looks magical ....

I'm here via Michele ... hello.

The Witch Doctor said...

That was great Moon... Especially love Chris' "He's De Man" pic ;)

and thanks so much for the comment on my post - I tell ya it really does make a mom proud :)

When we all go to the carnivals the kids usually try to win a prize for me ... it's cute.
This year it was a medium sized stuffed 'The Annoying Thing' aka Crazy Frog that I wanted... ;)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I too lean towards the small Carnivals...It just seems more friendly and homey...I LOVE the pictures of the different rides that are outlined with little glittery lights....The other thing about the smaller Carnivals is that it is so much more personal---in every way, more intimate in feeling....Well, st least, they sure seemed that way to me. I feel like I was THERE, with you!

Pat said...

Thanks for reminding me of the thrill of walking round in the dark with my parents and smelling the animals and seeing pretty ladies in daring costumes and to make it perfect a lion in a cage turned its back and peeed on us through the bars. Happy Days!

cindy wilson said...

I use to like the smaller ones when I was little,but that's really all I could do since we lived so far away from the theme parks.Now that I have been to a couple of theme parks I do like them better, I think Disney World in Florida rocks. Smaller oones are fine but you do end up spending alot more money if you like to go on the rides. I love the cotton candy...In Ireland i the small villages each has a thing called a show day, which has several rides(kind of like a county fair was back in the USA) We have been going to that for several years now....

Take Care

OldLady Of The Hills said...

You say it is small, but I've never seen a small Carnival with so manmy Neon Lights and Signs...It looks so inviting! And It looks like you had a great time getting you a 'kitty'...!

Thanks so much for your very sweet comment. Forgive me for not getting over here sooner...It has been very hectic around my place for over a week now...Hopefully, I will get some rest over this July 4th Holiday and start catching up with the blogesphere....!

carmilevy said...

I love how you captured the spirit of this experience. I remember very clearly what it was like when the travelling carnivals came to our neighborhood in Laval so many years ago.

Today, I'm more of a cynic: I keep wondering how old the rides are and whether they're safe. We didn't live far from Belmont Park (ah, memories) and I remember one year there were a bunch of terrible accidents. After that, I just never saw these old parks and rides the same way again.