Sunday, June 08, 2008


RESTAURANT LES FLEURS We went to visit Chris' sister Frederique and brother in law Bernard.They live in a lovely village called Vernon. As I have mentioned before, they have a lovely resturant there called Les Fleurs. Bernard is a terrific chef and as a team, he and his wife run a very nice resturant.

Firstly, I was really looking forward to meeting Chris' sister Frederique and her husband Bernard along with their children, Sylvain who is 20 yrs old and their Daughter Marine who is 15 yrs old. They were all so warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable with them emmediately. We expected to eat with the family early, as they have a resturant to run but hense, they said no...they had already planned to have their meal, along with all the kids, (Chris' kids included) but that Chris and I were to wait and be served in the front at a table for 2 abit later. As we were their guests, we did not argue lol. Next post will be dedicated to the gastronomical meal we were served. 146- VERNON FRANCE In the meantime, as they ate, we were upstairs in their living quarters...using that time to get caught up on internet emails and such. As we have no access from Chris' parents home etc. It was good to log on to clear up emails, check bank stuff lol. As I was online, I bumped into my good friend I was able to chat with her about where we were. The building where they live, and have the resturant is actually over 400 yrs old YES! 400! Unreal eh. It has many different levels also, stairs here , stairs there, all leading to different rooms. The above living quarters meat thier needs...although the building itself is narrow...its quite deep. They have a few different , small private dinning rooms for groups on different levels. Had I been left alone, I would have easily gotten lost in this labirynth of levels, angles and rooms lol. Enjoying some wine Just one house over, is much much older. This one was the actual house where the Emporer Charles the 5th, used to lodge with his mistress, in the 1500's! It it still lived in, and even still belongs to the family desendants that hosted the king way back then. No where will u find a plaque announcing this on this house, but it is all registered in the town archives. I believe it is because, as its still very much lived in, the ppl don't want to be bothered by passers by wanting to visit etc. These cool facts my friends are the advantages of being family with the locals lol. We learn so much more and see far more interestings things off the beaten paths if u will LOL! Chris and sis Fred Bernard, Sylvain's tongue & moi Needless to say but I will say it anyway...I have SERIOUSLY never eaten so good in all my life!!

As usual, clicking any of these photos twice will bring u to many more in flickr...enjoy.



I was looking through some of the dishes served (on Flickr). Such beautiful plating.

I would try at least a bite of all....but I think the one most suited to my tastes would be the Beef Fillet with Aged Camembert Cheese. We have two pieces of Camembert in the refrigerator right now. We are going to use some and give some away-I accidentally bought too much. I did not know that this would be good on beef. :-)

P.S. You have a beautiful hair color and cut. :-)

craziequeen said...

Hiya Moon, long time no see :-)

I love the descriptions of the houses in Vernon.

Michele sent me to check out the new hairstyles - yours is adorable and Cleo's is wonderful! I wish I was young enough for bright blue hair!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I cannot wait to read about the "Meal"...! I bet it was FANTASTIC! To be the guests of The Chef and his Family---Well, that in itself is extremely special! The History of all these buildings is quite etraordinary....! I love seeing these pictures!

Star said...

That really is some interesting plating! And I agtee with Bluest Butterfly. Your hair color looks fabulous.
We were lucky enough to visit Europe and japan when my daughter and her husband were stationed there. While they were not natives they knew a lot about where they lived, and we got to do so much more than if we were wondering around with a guide book.

gautami tripathy said...

Tell us about the meal! I can't wait!

Good Michele sent me here!

kenju said...

Isn't it nice that you were instantly so comfortable with the family! I loved seeing the photos, especially the street scenes and Mont St. Michel. The food and the plates they use are so nice; I love the modern ones (which is unusual for me). You look so pretty in the pix!

TravelinOma said...

These photos are so cool! I love old buildings.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It's fun to have these connections!

gautami tripathy said...

Good to be back here and read this great post again! You look so cool!

Bob-kat said...

What a lovely little restaurant and the holw village sounds charming, just like the people you met :) How lovely to have a meal prepared especially for you!

cindy wilson said...

The pics looks great, and the food just made me hungry...LOL You do seems so happy in the pics and I think that's what it is all about being happy with where you are in your life. I am so glad you got to visit France and meet Chris's family ,some for the second time.

Love and Hugs