Sunday, June 15, 2008



This week, was my daughter (my blue flower) Cleo's piano recital. It was held in a really pretty chapel at a private school this yr. It just happened to be on a day that was over 100F, yes, it was hot as hell in there, no pun intended lol!

Cleo had no probs talking in public, or among ppl she doesn't know. She does however have a horrible time playing piano infront of others. Her hands shake so bad in public that she has a really hard time. She has no probs playing at home but her piano stage fright has her in a tizzy for weeks before the recital. One yr, she played a few cords and just stopped...went back to her seat, her hands shook too much. My heart goes out to her at this a parent we are so helpless to help them through these moments. I was doubley proud of her that yr, because after everyone had played, she gave it another try and finished the song. It wasn't perfect but the fact that she got back up there was astounding.

MISC. 009

This year, she was to play 2 songs. To help, she asked the teacher to sit on the bench next to her, just to block ppl from seeing her hands. She played IMAGINE by John Lennon...It was not without a few mistakes but she got through it.

Later she played the MOONLIGHT SENATO by Beethoven...this one she did perfectly...untill the very end ...inwhich she missed a key once. ..I think I held my breath the whole time! I was so proud that she got up there period!!

MISC. 010

There was over 100 ppl there to see their friends and family play...all students of a terrific teacher (Jacynthe)that teaches out of her home.

After all was done, there was refreshments for all. Jacynthe gave all her students a present from her as she does every year. Cleo got a very cool pair of black earings.

Cleo's best friend Mel and Mel's bf, came to see her play. We took a few pics outside infront of a nice fountain.Above is them with Chris. Below is a terrific pic of Cleo and Mel.

MISC. 015

These were taken last Sunday, the 8th June. Afterwords we went downtown MOntreal with Cleo. We wanted to eat our fav smoked meat sandwiches since Monday was our 2nd Wedding anniversary. So we had a great meal...did a quick toast to many more yrs being happy and together. Was a great day!

This week I also took some pics of my Clematis this yr. It totally bloomed within a week is so full of flowers that I just had to grab the camera. Our pergola is getting old..and worn, along with the bench under it..but I happen to think it lends well to photos even better that way lol.

Oddly side always blooms much faster then the other side of the withing a few weeks, the other side will be in full bloom while this one will be done.

MISC. 018 MISC. 025

As usual, there are more photos in the flickr page if u click twice on any here.

I plan to take photos of all the flowers I planted in the front yard soon, I am waiting till they fill out some lol.

We have planted a garden this year also...I look forward to ripe tomatoes and cucumbers...among other things.

Have any of you planted flowers or a garden this yr? Do u have a green thumb or not?

I have to admit that my thumb is green when I put it outside...but I have always managed to kill ANYTHING that grows in the house without out fail!! Don't ask me how or why!


Pat said...

Cleo is a brave girl and will be all the stronger for that great effort.
You should be proud of your clematis also. I think you certainly have a green thumb.

Melody said...

Love your photos you have posted here...

Well done to Cleo - no wonder you are proud of her. I would be too.

Star said...

Sometimes our children are so brave. Your heart just bursts with pride doesn't it? I remember my youngest's solo dance at a recital. I held my breath through the whole thing

Bobkat said...

No wonder you are proud of Cleo. It is no mean feat to play in front of people and then to get up and finish after you made a mistake. It sounds like she did really well :) Bravo!

Love the Clemetis photos. They are gorgeous!

cindy wilson said...

Good job cleo....

I have finished planting all the flowers I am going to plant this year. I need to take pics and post on my blog, but thought I would wait until they grow out a little more. I use to kill every plant I had, but now seems like I do have a green thumb. I have at least 20 plants growing inside. I don't know what changed but I believe it's because I ingore them, I don't water them until the container I have them planted in is light when I pick it up and use miracle grow every now and then. Even my cacti are living after 3 years.....I am having a problems with getting my roses looking like everybody's else look around here.

Take care