Monday, January 31, 2005

BLA BLA BLA ....pause...HELLO?

Something funny happened the other day. I got a call from a good friend of mine. We used to live across the street from eachother for 10 yrs. I even worked with her for a few yrs , when she then had a private home daycare . Needless to say we were very close.

When I decided to change my whole life..that also meant moving. Although I live in the same town, we both had other stuff to deal with in our lives. So instead of talking everyday, we talk every few months. We then try to cram as much as we can think of into our conversations, hoping to not forget anything new or interesting to share with the other.

So having said all that, Diane calls me the other night. We have loads to say as we hadn't spoken since way before xmas. Catching up on her family, regailing her with mine. We hardly took a breath for an hour. As the time went by, the mood slowed down, it was with a far more relaxed tone that we continued on. Just shooting the breeze, giggling along the way . I went on to tell her more about this or that when after a while this odd feeling came over me like....hmmm something is wrong....there was no longer those (uh huh's) or (ahhs) or( awe) or (really!) or (no way).......I was talking to .....myself? dial tone, no click, no busy signal........allo?...Diane?.........OMG SHE FELL ASLEEP!! LMAO.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

I knew I was long winded but dayum......I have never been accused of being boring enough to put a person to sleep..

I have to add though , it was late at night and she was in bed for the nite...BUT STILL! LOL

I also knew that once she figured out what happened , Diane would be absolutely MORTIFIED....she is such a sweet woman...I couldn't wait to have some fun with her hehe.

Next day, instead of a call from her...Diane just came on over, laughing as she came in the door...while apologizing profusely....OMG she says.....I kept bursting into embarrassed laughter at the office all day today..I just had to come over in person cause I felt so bad in a halarious kinda way lol. I swear I doubt that has ever happened to anyone ever!!!!!

I laughed and know that saying..WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.....
well, I did the exact same thing to my now late friend Manon.....years back..only difference was...I snored like a truck driver in her ear on the phone for god sakes LMAO!!!! SHE COULDN'T BELIEVE IT.........

We almost pissed ourselves right then and there!!!!!!!


Shannon said...


Dear sweet, delusional Monette. I've been your bestfriend now for what? A few years at least? Can I tell you something? I want to be open and honest with you. As I know you would only want it that way.....

You do not, in any way shape or form snore like a truck driver. I can attest to this fact as I've spent many a wonderful holiday with you as you've open the doors to your home, welcoming me in as if it were my own. Nay, you do not snore like a truck driver.

You snore like a fleet of trucks!

There's a difference!!!!

But I still love ya anyways and keep coming back for more!!! (Oh yeah and I can hear all this thunderous seranading from the upstairs bedroom which is on the opposite side of the house from where HER bedroom is!)


~~~~Runs like hell now.

Squirrels said...

LOL. To funny. My hubby says I snore like a D9 Catipillar working hard. I usually snort, which is so loud it wakes me up! Anyway. I can see why you had such a good laugh together.

Jordan said...

Always one to comment on Canadian blogs. ZZZZZZZZ...Oh whoops. You are number 57 on my quest to comment on all the blogs in the world.

Shannon said...

Gotta love Jordan!

I'm thinking he doesn't get out much.....

At least his heart is in the right place. I'd love to see what he'd post to the person he comments on 12 blogs from now.....*snicker*

Oh mind, terminally in the gutter. Sowwy.


lab munkay said...

Could of been worse. You could of been having sex and the other person fell asleep. Now that would be embarressing. Again.

Carmi said...

Good friends can always laugh off things like this. If you can't fall asleep on a friend, who CAN you fall asleep on?

Loved this entry (I'm going back in time to read some of your older posts. I like to do that with my favorite blogs.)