Saturday, January 29, 2005


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I have already gotten something special for Chris. He asks for nothing and is happy with so little. Thats why I am thrilled to have found something he will enjoy so much.

It so happens that years ago when Chris was in London England, he was able to get a ticket to see the opera CARMINA BURANA...but at the last moment his wife at the time prevented him from going...for reasons I shall not mention but suffice to say has regretted missing it ever since.

So it would seem that here in Montreal there will be a one night only appearance of this famous Opera. March 9th to be exact. We looked at the ticket sales and frankly for it to be worth while and see it properly the seats cost aprox 150$ after taxes and such...roughly double what a nose bleed seat costs. Since I am not a big Opera fan myself I would rather pay the big price for him to have a good experience all be it alone rather then both of us go and need binoculars while I wait for it to be over and he gets a crappy experience. Although he assured me that if I was with him it would be great no matter where we sat, I still want him to enjoy it to the fullest. Besides he will be in his own world while listening to it all , it won't matter that I am not there. So I bought the ticket, and within 2 days we already had it in the mail. He is thrilled. Even though it will be AFTER Valentines Day, it's the thought that counts.

For this Valentines Day in question, we won't even try to get a sitter for the borders, and resturants are always booked solid. What"s important is spending the time together. If that happens to be renting a movie and maybe ordering food in, that works for me.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? For some I am sure it is a day like all others. For others its, (I bet he forgets) or ( been married to long to care) or (he better or else!) or ( get me a date) or (WTF is Valentines?) or ( we have special plans)....what ever they are....share with the class...tell me and the readers what your up too, I would love to know.


Amanda said...

Omg, Moonie, I love ya, but i can barely read your blog its so tiny.

As for valentines day, I expect nothing. Except flowers from Butch and Jr. my bosses.

Jay said...

Well, since my significant other works until midnight, I will probably warm myself some leftovers, watch a little bad TV, and be quite allright with that.

Shannon said...

Chances are likely, I won't be doing much of anything. That's how it usually goes. At least on Valentine's Day itself. I'll be doing homework I'm sure.

However our Valentine's plans are for the weekend before. The intention however is to go out of town, of all places, Cleveland. I know, I know....however, it's where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is. I've not been (can you believe it?) and I'd really like to go. However, it remains to be seen if that pans out. I may end up with a pile of homework and not be able to do anything. So who knows....just have to wait and see.

I'm not holding my breath however.