Sunday, January 23, 2005


I swear to god I am selling my house , and moving to Easter Island to live among the carved rock statues..they dont have seizures or shit themselves.

Yes that was what my day was like. I know I know, I choose to do this job but man....some days just feking suck!!

My blind guy had 4 epileptic seizures in the space of 8 hours, starting in the middle of the night. Wets the bed. Makes it very apparent he doesn't want his morning bath but I have to give it to him anyway. Refuses to wear his socks and shoes, he thinks its still night time cause his already minimally functioning brain has been shaken 4 times. I figure, I will let him go without for the day...but he starts taking his clothes off . After 4th time I give him a calming pill. Hoping this helps.

Meanwhile my other border/client has his own seizure. Sheesh..what is this, seizure sunday? So make sure he isn't hitting his head during his grand mal seizure..and let it happen. It's all a person can do..ride it out.

So afternoon seems calmer, ok day is getting laundry is even almost done. (pissy sheets from seizure in bed, not to mention pj's ) finally put away. Lunch went well. Breath a sigh of relief.

Back space.....Other guy goes to bathroom. Leaves toilet seat up (even after being told not to a million times). Blind guy goes to bathroom like he does a zillion times a day.
Seat up = blind guy falling in the toilet........ It gets worse.....

Blind guy shits once a week, but it so happens to be at the moment he falls in toilet that he is also in shit mode. What happens? Blind guy takes wet clothes off but also shits at the same time . All I see of this is blind guy walking out of bathroom with bottom half naked, thinking he is just undressing again. I bring him back to bathroom to dress him to step in shit which makes my foot slip, fall on the ceramic tile floor on my knee..OUCH!! ...then see wet clothes on the floor.

OK, so clean the shit. Change the blind guy. Give an earfull to other guy for yet again only thinking that he is the only person living in the house. Then start supper.

Warm up meatloaf, burn fingers on plate. Call other guy for supper as he pranses to the kitchen with a pissy look on his face cause I got mad at him today.

Blind guy has a whole repertoire of sounds. I can deal with. Given he is not able to speak at all I can understand his need to make different noises. I hardly hear them anymore , its has become so commonplace but there is just ONE sound he makes that drives me nuts. It sounds like a constant low growling gutteral sound. VERY unpleasant......

Guess what sound he desides to make for the next hour?? Yup u guessed it.

OMG!! This day really is the shits.....figuratively and literally.

Oh wait..theres more...blind guy decided to try something new shortly before bedtime....he decided to pee..but sitting at his kitchen chair...yay this is fun....he hs acumulated a feking lake underneath him on the kitchen floor for god sakes!!


Did I mention that today is a 12 hr work day for Chris at the lab?

I now refer you to my opening statement on this post............Anyone wanna buy a house?!?!


Anonymous said...

Only one thing to say , two actually .....




PS: I am coming home


Squirrels said...

wooo hooo, hes coming home. That sounds better.
Well it sounds like you had a shitty day. I mean literally a shitty day. Ick. You must have the patience of a saint. Cause I couldn't do it, no way.

Squirrels said...

P. S. - did the email thing work??

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!
I hope that in a few days you will find this shitty day amusing. Cause I have to admit, I find it so :D

Euian said...

I Love the artwork!

David Allen said...

Hope the move to Easter Island goes well LOL

Thought I would give your Google ads one click to help out a fellow podder and Google ad publisher.
I hit one that was about duct tape, so you can see how much it pays when you check your stats tomorrow. A different set of Google Ads came up next.

Hope you have some better days without seisures to cope with.

Is the Artwork yours? Looks well done, I used to be an art teacher some years ago.

If you get the urge to go to my site at and hit a google advert, then by all means don't resist, live for the moment......

David Allen

moon said...

Thanks for your comments..although I have been called an artist referring to some things I have done , unfortunately I can not take credit for the artwork u see at the top of this page, I do not know who did it, otherwize that information would be underneath it. I found it browsing on the internet among a plethera of other stuff that was took my breath away...I think she fits nicely here for more to see...

moon said...

Silly me...The work above is signed...and credit goes to Josephine Wall....her work is magnificent. If you wish to see more, visit her site at you won't regret it.