Saturday, March 12, 2005

Girlfriends Day....or....BOOBS AWAY!!

Yesterday was a great day. My girlfriend and I had a nail appointment. We go together once a month. Yesterday was a bit different though. Our birthdays are exactly a week apart so we decided to start the day off early by some shopping, lunch then nails.

We went to one of our favourite stores. I needed a new bra so chose my favourite model and went to try a few on. OMG I went down in size and cup!!! Now this is not because of a different bra , this is the same model bra I have worn for yrs, my true comfort bra. I have been wearing DDD for years and now I fit a DD....omg I am thrilled. I got 2 new bras. I have not weighed myself in over a month. Last time I did I had lost 20 lbs so now I have no idea how much in all as of date. It is mostly evident in my pants and lets face it when u have breastesses the size of mine its hardly noticable when u lose some up top. I could only tell by the fit of my existant bras that things had changed. I was so happy I tryed on a few new tops. I went down 2 sizes!!!Now lets keep in mind I am still a big girl but hey...there's just a bit less now. I am very pleased. This is also EXACTLY what I needed to start off a new year after my recent bday and the perfect beginning to a great day with my girlfriend.

Psst..I bought all 3 tops as well as the 2 new bras btw.

We then went to lunch in the mall. We had brought gifts to exchange. I got 2 different woolen shawls for Lise. She was nuts about one of mine months ago so I tryed to find her something similar to mine. She is off on a 2 week Hawaiian cruise next month so these are perfect for evening cover up on the ship. She LOVED both of them.

She gave me a set of 4 beautifully hand painted wine glasses. Spring/summer theme of flowers and butterflys. I love them. ........We then shared a pizza and caught up on stuff. In short order it was time to get to the place we get out nails done.

We always have fun at the nail place. We all share jokes and talk about whats new etc. Both Lise and I usually always get a french manicure but every once in awhile she or I will add a little something different on one finger (ring) on each hand like a sparkle or tiny flower sticker or air brush. Some like elaborate designs on their nails and thats fine, I personally like things very simple. Classic. I will add a tiny accent once in a blue moon and so both Lise and I did because of the day. Danielle was so sweet because when it came time to pay, she didn't charge us for our little extras because she said it was her little present to both of us for our bday. Aweeeee...what a great ending to a terrific day.

Lots of laughs, great lunch, awesome present, pretty nails and LESS BOOBAGE!!!!!


Rae said...

YAY!! a whole lot of deck chairs are missing!!!

Shannon said...

Okies......since you aren't using that boobage anymore, think there is any way you can send it down here to me??? Or do you think that there may be an issue getting it across the border?

*prays for the boobage fairy to show up at some point in her life while she is still young enough to have fun with it!*

Fins to the Left said...

Just posting cause -- well, I've never posted on your blog.

Should I shed a tear for the boobage???? At least to me, boobage loss is normally a bad thing.

-= Fins =-