Saturday, March 05, 2005

My 42nd Year has ended today

I am 42 years old today. I just spent an hour opening funny e-mail cards from in particular who found the need to send me 6 herself lol. I love you too Shannon. Oh and lets not forget having the phone start to ring at the fricken crack of dawn!...OK, it wasn't that early but I am not and never will be a morning person so at 42 do not expect it to get better.

I am not doing anything special today as Chris has to work but we did get out yesterday. Got bills payed at the bank. Went to Cosco to stock up on stuff then did a tour of a new Sears decor store. Then went to a new resturant called Kelsey's. It was pretty good and the service was excellent but best of all, they were able to feed Cléo my daughter. She is the type who picks at her food and finding something she likes takes an act of congress.

We topped off the shopping with a stop at the fabric store to pic out a piece of fabric and clear plastic to recover Luc's chair. You know the one...He has peed on more then once. I had to change it and make sure that it didn't happen again so with plastic tacked on after new covering I will be able to just wipe it off with disinfectant. So bring it on Mr Pissy pants!!!I'm ready for you now!!

So as it is, it was a usefull day. Good tired from walking around. Nice to be out of the house. But mostly it was the HUGE ASS DESERT I had at the resturant. OMG I bet I could have fed a small village with it but hey it was my bday desert so I ATE THE WHOLE almost killed me but I was determined. ....Yes I know I am diabetic...I had meds..give me a break...I have lost over 20lbs so far..I had room for this chocolate fantasy cake smothered in chocolate sauce and icecream topped with whipped cream and anyone dared come near it with a spoon risked losing their life.

The very bestest thing about my bday is the gorgeous writing desk Chris got me. I have had it for about a week already but wanted to wait for my bday to show it to you. I finally have a place to store all my caligraphy pens and inks. I love stationary. I am a paper nut so when I have some I can find a compartment for it now.

I have been very spoiled this yr, with friends sending birthday wishes, family sending money to treat myself with, calls from both and having a great day out and about yesterday. It's a good thing that today I am home so these aging bones can assimilate the new creeks and cracking of a new year to come lol.. HUGS TO ALL


Shannon said...

Okay so I may have sent a card or two (or sex...oops Freudian slip...six) but I would NEVER never call and wake you up at the crack of dawn.

*walks away whistling*

At least I waited till 10am or so, the other alternative would have been to call you last night after midnight!

Quitcher damn cryassin :P

Squirrels said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Sweet Moon, Happy Birthday to you.!!! Hope you have a great day and everyone there after. Get some birthday sex. LOL.
Love Squirrels

lab munkay said...

roses are red,
birthdays come yearly,
hope ya know i love reading your blog dearly,
so have your cake,
and eat it too,
just don't get too filled up for your celibratory screw.
Happy Birthday Moon Child

Shannon said...

*applauds lab munkay & squirrels*

Ya'll sing and write such lovely poetry!