Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Good lord this winter seems to be lasting forever! Yes, I haven't forgotten I live in CANADA, land of the great white *?%&$#@@#*! north. But damn I swear some yrs are longer then others. That also depends on where u are as well. My family out west in alberta are having record breaking highs. Mom is itching to start her garden. They have had warm weather for weeks now. Where as here the opposite is true. SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW. Although my bday was last saturday, we were supposed to go out to dinner with friends lastnight Monday. My friend Lise has a bday one week after mine so we try to go out to a nice resturant we normally wouldn't go to , with our partners. Makes for a nice evening. We had to cancel last night because of blizzard conditions. Oh well...dems de breaks.

I can remember some years going out for my bday with spring clothes on and tulips starting to sprout out of the ground. Then other years like this one where its hard to invision there ever being enough warmth to melt the 4 feet of snow in some places.

Don't get me wrong. I would not dream of living in a place that had no seasons. There is something to be said about all 4 seasons. Changing of clothes to suit each season. New foot wear hehe. Each new sensation with every season beginning. I particularly love the first time we can actually go out without our boots on. The odd feeling like wow , my ankles are feeling air on them whether wearing pants or not. How light our feet feel outside in shoes for the first time. Then when we put our winter coats away and use a lightweight jacket....OH THE FREEDOM!...SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! YAY!

What kind of flowers should we plant this year? What colours? How many veggies should we do in the garden? Dilligently put them all in perfect rows that will soon not matter. Untill we are sweltering in the summer heat wishing for airconditioning. Ahhh the relief of fall, cool breezes and SCHOOL! YES! BACK TO SCHOOL. Fall jackets and Halloween decorations. Huge piles of leaves stuffed into orange bags with pumpkin faces on them.

Christmas decorations put up before to much snow flys. That first real snow fall when all looks so perfectly clean. Every single branch of the trees painstakingly dusted white. How the lights look magical against the glistening white snow. Fun shopping for the perfect gifts. Baking smells of snowflake cookies. Footprints down the street after a fresh snow. Seeing kids make snow angels and snow forts.

DAMN I am getting cold again.....ENOUGH ALREADY....I WANT SPRING AGAIN!!!


Squirrels said...

Dang my Christmas tree is still standing decorated in the dining room. THe box that we ususally put it in, was no good and we had to throw it away. So we don't have anything big enough to store it in. SO, I guess it looks like christmas all the time here. It will have to live there until we get something

Shannon said...

Those peas that you planted a few years ago......yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!!

OMG!! I loved those, I can't find 'em here and wish I could so that I could plant 'em and have 'em to snack on too *insert big cheesy grin*

As for what flowers? What you've been doing is fine.......as for the colors? What's it matter? Ya fekin color blind fool!