Saturday, July 16, 2005


Well since my last post Luc has remained in hospital. It has been more then 2 weeks now. Although he isn't home for me to care for him, I have been going to see him almost everyday except weekends when Chris is at work. I can say that Luc not being here has lessened my load considerably that's for has been a well needed repreave if I do say so myself...I just wish it had been under better circumstances for Luc. It has been nice to just be able to go out of the house during the day while my other guy Martin is off at his work or other outings.

I am really impressed by the staff that has been caring for Luc...after this much time, they all know what to expect now in terms of comprehension etc but even given that they are very caring and patient. He is being walked 4 times a day now, it still takes 2 persons to do it because he still isn't putting much weight on his left leg so he lets them basically carry him. It is a very slow process so far, but given his level of intellect it isn't surprising. I am releaved though that my employers understand that as he is now, I am not able to care for him alone. I would need a hospital bed also and restaints in order to make sure he doesn't rip off his diaper or just basic help in moving him around. He may not be a big man but alone with a dead weight I would hurt my back in no time.

As of today, my other border left for one week to be with his parents YAY!!! so its a mini holiday for me as long as Luc is in hospital. Let me tell ya, he has been a real challenge lately. As high functioning as he is, he has been rude, abrupt, ornery and just a major pain lately...he has always had those traits and been very munipulative over the 10 yrs I have had him but being 34 now, seems like he is going through the adolescent stage now..(being slow, makes sense to me that it would hit him now)....I would seriously trade Martin for another Luc believe it or not. I am so sick of arguing and putting up with bad attitude compared to Luc who is more work physically but mentally he doesnt complain or talk back or bitch lol. I am certainly going to saveur this short repreave of silence.

Other news, our puppy is doing great. Since we started epileptic meds, she hasn't had a siezure so she is a healthy happy dog. I have to give a heads up about the store we bought her at, SAFARI totally respected their store policy. If their vet found a medical condition that needed meds, the guarentee stipulated that they would pay for the meds up to the price of the dog. So instead of being billed for yrs for the meds our dog needs, they opted to refund the whole amount and be taken out of the dossier. This way we just take care of the meds, which luckily are very inexpensive so the other day we had over $800 credited to my credit card by the store. We have a pure breed bichon maltais for free lol.
Gotta love a store that backs up their promises.

With having more time out of the house, we have been looking for trundle beds for my daughters room, we are hoping to decorate her room after we get back from holidays. She currently has a bunk bed with the futon couch underneath. It seems like an elephant in her room, so I want a trundle bed for when her cousin comes spend time here or when I have company. She has wanted to change the decor in that room since I bought this house but it wasn't a priority. This year she will be 15 in sept, and she has definate ideas of what she wants and they are quite good if I do say so myself lol.

We bought a camcorder this week....$$$$$...but it is the kind that uses the small DVD's instead of the cassettes and it has enough pixels 3.0 to be exact that it can take some decent pics aswell so I don't have to use carry around the camera too. Ultimately my digital camera has been sent to repair and we got word back that Kodak will send me a new camera of same quality or better instead of repairing it but it could take a month before I get it. Hense I wouldn't have a camera to go on holiday with. I haven't seen my mom and her hubby or my sister and her family in over 6 years so there was no way in hell I was going out there in 2 weeks WITHOUT a camera. I am selling my old camcorder to my ex for 2oo$ so that can be put back into the price of this new one and when I do eventually get my digital camera replaced I know I will uses it often anyway. I am going to do some filming this afternoon with the new one to get the feel of how it works and see if I can post on here with something lol...don't hold your breath, this could take awhile lol.

Well all, thanks for being patient.....till next episode...


JustSue said...

Moon, that is fantastic that the pet store honoured their guarantee and didn't give you a run around. I know how tricky it can be at times dealing with stores and red tape! LOL

Enjoy your Luc and Martin-free time!

Shannon said...

I say ya need to get back to work and stop bein a lazy bum........after all I can't stay on the phone wiff ya for 2 to 3 hours at a time yanno!


I've been lovin it and have needed it just as much as you. *big hug and thanks for listenin*