Sunday, July 17, 2005

Stills from the Camcorder

These are the stills I took with my new camcorder, not bad eh.
The white flower is a perennial climber that winds up the pergola.
The orangy/red ones and the yellow and white/pink flowers are new perennials I just planted..aren't awesome! They are (lilium/crimson pixie),(lilium/butter pixie) and (lilium/lollypop).
The gorgeous purple one is a Iris(gusto) and last but not least, this red edged yellow daisy like perennial is a gaillardia(goblin)

These are my new additions perennial wize this year I normally buy smaller plants but we got most of these at a great price so jumped on them.


reesie said...

they're gorgous moonie,, you always did have a lovely garden,, and i'm SO glad that luc is doin better,,but you enjoy your time off,, lord knows you dont get enough time to yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Moonie, Fran here..I love those pictures.. have fun with the new ya, Fran