Thursday, July 28, 2005

Your First Thought if someone said..MY EX'S DOG BIT ME could be...

Holy crap, how did he get it to do that?
Good Dog!
Wish my dog could do that!
Do you have his trainers number?
Who told you my fantasy!!

Well if you had any of the above your would all be WRONG lol. But my ex's dog actually did bite me.
My ex and I actually have a great relationship, afterall we share equal custody of our daughter so it makes everyones life easier. Anyway, while Michel is away on vacation, I don't mind taking care of his dog, it's also my daughter's so she is happy too. Rex the dog , is a pretty mild 4 yr old golden retriever. Sometimes though, he has a mind of his own.

Yesterday, we were expecting the delivery of a hospital bed for when Luc comes home from hospital so we wanted the dogs outside on the deck so they wouldn't be in the way. Rex started to let us know he didn't want to go out so he growled at us. Chris and I both were pointing to the door and repeating firmly to go out. He again growled. I love dogs and I have never been biten by one so I haven't developed a *healthy fear* of them. So given he wasn't listening and I did not want him to think he was boss and not us, I went to get his collar to bring him out manually. WRONG!! he was already on the defensive and I just made him scared by that approuch and him not being in his own invirement he snapped. He bite my left hand...HARD...actually knawed on it 4 or 5 times. I had the right reflex to not pull away but waited till he was done then held my hand to my chest and walked to the sink. YES I am tough lol...but it was all in front of my daughter as well so I didn't want to cry or freak out to upset her even more then she was after seeing her dog do that to her mom.

Luckily on the top of my hand I had lots of teeth marks but none peirced the skin, but underneath on the fat part of my palm , one of his big k-9 teeth went it's whole length in my hand. The cut is a centimetre long. Doesn't sound like much but the tooth in question is a long sucker so it went deep.

I knew that the dogs vacinations were not up to date so in the midst of getting calls from Luc's caseworker, waiting for the hospital bed to arrive, talking back and forth with the physicotherapist at the hospital...I had to go wait my turn at the clinic for a tetanious shot! OH the joy!

I was lucky, I only waited a little over an hour. Got my shot in the arm and was given a perscription for 5 days of antibiotics just in case but also had to go to another clinic for a hand xray given the whole thing is so tender. It turned out to be ok so PHEW... thats all I need before Luc comes home and I go on vacation..a broken fricken hand.

Anyway..I have a tender purplish hand but as u can see, it can still type lol. I called Michel to let him know what happened and to see if I was correct about his vacination history and I was. But most of all, contrary to what most would think.......He WASN'T happy that his dog bit me lol.

It was really my fault and Rex's too......I learned my lesson all in still liking the dog.

By law the clinic have to report a dog bite and there is a follow up. I got a call today from the ppl who follow it up and I am not worried about Rex.. he has no signs of rabies so far and they will just call Michel next week to confirm his health.

I have to wonder if someone told them how nuts I am to think I could give a dog rabies after he bites me?....KIDDING! ........I know it doesn't work that way lol.


Anonymous said...

Monnie, Hi it's Fran, I can say it is never dull when I read your blog. I am so glad that you are OK. God really has his hands on you. Take care, love, Fran

Squirrels said...

I am so sorry to hear of your dog bite. So glad you are ok. There must be a reason that he bit you. You have been around him before? Keep an eye on it being sick, cause I don't want you getting sick. Maybe it smelled something different in the house, or the rushing around bothered it. Or maybe he was stressed out being somewhere different and didnt know how to let anyone know. Well I hope you get better soon.
Luv Squirrels

Red Clover said...

My cousin has a dog that is deaf. While he was in Michigan for his dad's wedding (my cousin.. not the dog lol) I was taking care of the pooches. The deaf dog freaked & bit the snot out of my hand as I was reaching to open the gate.. thankfully one of chris dogs that wuvs me saw it happen and bit the dog bitting me. Dog let go. I poured dog food over the fence onto the ground that day.

Im glad your ok.