Saturday, July 30, 2005


With all thats going on with Luc coming out of the hospital, being biten by a dog, meetings with personelle from a number of health care sectors ie; ergo therapist, liazon nurse, physio-therapists, case workers, public curator, hospital escort for brief Luc visit at home for evaluation....bla bla bla bla.....I am on OVER DRIVE....
AND.. I have to pack for my vacation ....our flights leave on Monday aug 1st, same day that Luc comes home from hospital. Luckily I have my sitter taking over and with all the needs that luc has , there will be another person put in place full time to help her. I am lucky my sitter used to be a case worker who is now retired ...she is more then able to do it without me. The extra help is being furnished by my is for an indefinate period but will only change when Luc is more able to do what he used to, like walk etc. Seems like I am taking off at the worst possible time but I can't help it and they all understand. Our flights have been booked for 3 months, and payed for...not cheep believe me. Almost 3,ooo$ for the 3 of us to cross the country hense the reason I don't make the trip often.

I haven't seen my mother for 6 years nor my sister and her family. Needless to say I can't wait. Last time I saw sis, she was pregnant with her 2nd child Hayden and although I have seen many a cute photo of him or heard him on the phone, he just finished kindergarden and I have yet to meet him or him meet his outstandingly beautiful and brilliant aunt Monette .........(ok, ok, pick yourselves up off the floor!) . His sister, my niece Tess, was 7 and my daughter was 9 when we were there last. When kids are that age another 6 yrs later makes a BIG DIFFERENCE . They go from children to TEENS! in one large leep and bound. I know my daughter has changed. She is abit on the goth side so wears black and lots of skulls on her clothes but she isn't over the top nor does she over do her makeup..its nice and simple. I like her style and encourage her to express herself rather then freak out and try to change her. Funny how that seems to tame her more rather then less given she knows she doesn't have to REBEL lol. I know though that a few of her clothing choises will make my mom's eyebrows arch for sure lol. I am just happy that Cleo is quite modest...I prefer her style one hundred times more then all the *girly girls out there that have their mid section naked, such low cut pants your afraid they'll fall down, or cleavage sprouting tops with their little squish up bras lol. Cleo looks prudish next to them lol.

Besides seeing my family, they will be seeing Chris for the first time. There again, they have spoken to him or seen in on photos with me over the last 3 yrs but they haven't had the pleasure of meeting this special man in my life. I just know my mom is gonna love him and sis and her hubby will just really appreciate that he speaks english too lol. My ex only spoke french. I also can't wait for Chris to see the great town of Cochrane where we will be that is close to Calgary. We will also see some of banff and the rockies and just being in Alberta will give him a different taste of Canada not yet seen by him.

After a week there, my dad is coming to get us at my sister's place to then drive us to his place 8 hours away in Saskatawan. Regina to be exact. Dad has met Chris a few times now since he comes out east to see me and my other sister who is in Ottawa. But my brother Andre or step sister Brandy along with there partners haven't met Chris and they too will find that Cleo has really grown. Btw my daughter will be 15 in sept but is also 2 inches taller then my 5'4'' hight.

On the ground, Saskatawan is one of the flattest provinces in the country. As monatone as it can be to drive for miles and miles and feel like you haven't moved an inch through the endless fields and farm harvests, it is one of the most beautiful provinces seen from the air. It resembles a wonderfully colourful patch work quilt. All squares and rectangles perfecty fitted into eachother to produce a spectacular view that is another jewel belonging to our country and a true testiment to the hard working farmers.

I am looking forward to all of it. But mostly in sharing it with Chris for the first time. He will also see the tiny town in Sask where I was born. We alway end up there to visit an aunt and uncle. The last time I was there I was able to see my grandfather, he has since past away at the ripe old age of 99.

So as I prepare to embark on our trip , I am excited , nervous , and forever checking all my lists so I don't forget to pack anything. We have presents for everyone , some that Chris bought in Paris when he was there in april and some from here. Can't forget anyone or their kids lol. I love it!!!

I am bringing my laptop along so Cleo can play some games on the plane and amuse herself with it while at my dad's since there is no one her age around. I may do an update or load a pic or 2 .

Hugs all


JustSue said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!

Red Clover said...

I can't wait for pix. >:D<

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Shannon said...

God I just want to go out and buy one of those really really loud bullhorns that they use on boats so I can call that fekin number, push button my way through to talk to a real live person and then blast them and tell them what shits they are for being a bunch of asspotatofucktardidiots for spamming a damn personal blog!


*ahem* sorry for the rant.