Friday, July 21, 2006


Title hard to understand? Bare with me lol.

Lots has happened this week...most important is that we all did an hour of councelling at the centre. We met up with same lady as before but my daughter met her counceller she had her first session...the even better news is that she agreed to go back YAY!..I honestly think it was a matter of not wanting to be rude by saying no to her councellor when asked...and hey If IT WORKS.. who cares lol.....we go back next week.

We were supposed to go to La Ronde afterwards but her cousin couldn't come and her friend was busy also so we will try to go another time. We did have a good lunch after the session though. I didn't pry, but she seemed in a good mood...

Other news......A dear friend of ours had heart surgery for Supraventricular Tachycardias - SVT...on Wednesday...She explains it all here. .... The electric system of her heart would go screwy and it was NOT a good thing to have or live through. I could not begin to understand. I can only go by what she has tryed to explain to us about how it felt and how scary it was everytime it happened. ...They had postponed the surgery once already so needless to say we are glad it was finally done this week. We love you Rae. BIG HUGS!
Chris and I really NEED a break. At the moment he is on holiday from work for another week which is nice but we still can't do much because of our borders. I desperately have to get out of the house for a few days atleast.

With all the stress of shoulder muscles have become so tight that there are moments I can barely stand the pain. We had not made any honeymoon plans up till now. We were not sure we could afford one frankly. After paying for the wedding, we were inclined to think it would be sometime this winter if lucky.

We thought about it and made the decision that we NEEDED to get away, even if it's only 4 days. We have to do it after his vacation is over but we can still go from Mon. to Thurs in the 2nd week of Aug.


I can't wait!....The funny thing is .....I have lived in 6...yes count them...6 Provinces in Canada...even Toronto for a whole year and NOT seen the NIAGRA FALLS.

So we are off for 4 days, 3 luxurious nights to the honeymoon capital of Canada....We will be at The Embassy Suites Niagra Falls Hotel My only stipulation to luxury was to have a 2 person jacuzzi or whirlpool tub in our room. Well ofcourse that means u are in a whole other bracket of rooms but hey ITS MY HONEYMOON.... We want to have fun, be silly and make memories....hense my dire need to find a set of water colour body paints hehe....I will let u use your own imagination at this point, but don't forget to add the view of the magestic niagra falls through the window while lounging in the tub hehe.

Yesterday, we went out and got the paintset and a bathing suit for Chris. The hotel boasts a spa and swimming pool aswell and since we don't have a pool at home we plan on getting some swimming in for sure.

A supper added bonus is if everything goes well, we will be able to meet up with a chat buddy we have known for yrs...Sue lives in ontario so it will be awesome to meet her in the flesh after all these years!....We also hope to see our other friends from the internet, Rae and her man Ry during our stay, they have made the trip here so its cool that it's our turn.

I am so excited and it's so fun to look forward too. I am so glad we decided to do this now. It will do us so much good for so many reasons. Who knows....maybe bodypainting over the falls will soften up these tight shoulder blades.

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Red Clover said...

Yay on getting to go to Niagra!!

Oh yeah, I was talking to Les on the phone when I stopped by. I read the title to him (three times lol)

He asked what the hell I was talking about. I told him it was the title of your entry and he said quote "Tell her that makes NO fucking sense"

So .. there ya go. I told him to shut up and let me the read the damn post. He did... Makes sense now lol

JustSue said...

You guys are gonna love Niagara! Make sure you do all the touristy stuff, Maid of the Mist etc. (Ahem, assuming the love birds can drag themselves away from their jacuzzi and body paints for a few moments! LOL)

Rae said...

Hey woman its the honeymoon capital of the World!!! but then you'll see the sign when ya get here :D

I can't wait til you guys come down :D

Rae said...

Just cause I said on Anna's blog that I'd do it here too :P


me the typo queen... ;)


MInTheGap said...

Niagara is one of those places that you end up taking other people and not going yourself otherwise, I know the feeling!

Hope you have a great honeymoon.

Dana said...

Have fun! I have always wanted to go to Niagra.

jerseytjej said...

Look for me too! i have never seen the falls!!!