Sunday, July 16, 2006

Maintaining Sanity

Things have been livable in the past week. My daughter has been holding up her part of the bargain and been in early every evening. It helps that she has to be up early to catch the bus at 6:30 am for school. Nonetheless it has calmed things down. We have also tryed to keep things on an open note, also encouraging doing a few things together. We took her and her cousin out Thurs to go do some shopping, have supper out and take in a movie. It was a pretty good day. Cleo even found a cpl pieces of clothes she loved so I got them for her. Keep in mind, she hates to shop, it has always been like pulling teeth lol.

It was a very positive day for many reasons. She needs to have those with us as much as we have to be firm parents aswell.

We rented a bunch of movies last night and stayed up late watching them. Today Chris took both girls to a place called Arbraska ...they have wanted to go for ages. It's one of those forest sites where u do climbing, suspension bridges and pully systems from one tree to another etc...It has 5 different levels of difficulty...they started with the easy but Chantal copped out after a short time, she isn't really the sporty type so opted to sit it all out instead...oh well it was the thought that counted lol.....they refunded the entrance fee atleast which was close to $30....Chris and Cleo went for the Extreme level and they both had a ball. Cleo was afraid at a few places but forged ahead....they arrived home, happily exhausted and drenched with sweat and very hungry lol.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day but Tuesday, we ALL.. me, Chris and Cleo go to that councelling place. She will be meeting her advocat /councellor..Hope that goes well. We planned to go to La Ronde in Montreal after that. It is a theme park with rides and such. It will round out the day and fun will be had by all lol. Hopefully.
I look forward to all of it. Will keep you posted.


Shannon said...

Awwwwwww I'm so glad to hear that things are settling down some.

I can just imagine the silly grins and big fun they had climbing about.

One day at a time is all that can be done for the moment and it sounds like you (as you always's what you're best at) have kept a level head.

Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers.

Jay said...

I'm glad to hear that there's been good news and better days - I know it's hard, but you're getting through it.

JustSue said...

It will probably take some time for the trust between teen and counsellor to be established, before she can really open up. Just have patience, and give her time.

Hugs to you all.