Tuesday, July 25, 2006


They went...Chris and Cleo.
In this small plane. Cleo wanted to go along for Chris' first flying lessen. We think she got the bug herself. She loved every minute of it. Chris said you should have seen the look on her face when he asked what the age limit was to take flying lessons. Her grin was from ear to ear when the guy informed them that a person could start at the age of 14. ...Needless to say, we will have to think about it. If it's something she REALLY wants..or has a passion for, it could come in handy for the future as an incentive to work towards....
She had fun getting this flight on videotape so I could see some of it. If you are wondering why I wasn't there well...as often as I have flown in my life..(maybe 30 times or more) as much as I appreciate the convenience, I really don't like to fly. I steel myself through any flight (with what looks like outward calm) but untill I actually get to my destinations, I do not BREATH with ease. Hense, if I have a choice, I chose NOT to fly lol. But my fears would never prohibit Chris (or Cleo for that matter) from pursueing a dream of flying.

As for Chris...WELL!! HE LOVED EVERY SECOND!... As soon as they landed, he called me and made sounds resembling euphoric glee and an orgasm all at once...I almost peed myself listening to him. Needless to say he was HAPPYYYY... He went on to tell me all about the flight. He did most of the flying and even landed the plane a few times. Please be assured that in no way were they in danger. The instructor was very vigilent. It actually helped Chris that he has been flying with a computor simulator for yrs. It helps alot in terms of knowing the instruments and such...but nothing can simulate the movement of the plane in the air with the wind factor or weather conditions among other things ofcourse.

We really hope to be able to continue his lessons with the objective of obtaining his liscence. It may take yrs but thats ok...it will be the fullfilling of a passion for Chris, no matter how long it takes.


Rhiannon said...

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Hey congratulations on your marriage! I hope the ceremony went beautifully. I remember you talking about it in the past.

With Angel Blessings,


Bess said...

That's wonderful! :)

Rae said...

OMG Chris I'm so excited that you went up!!!

oh yeah Hi Moonie :D

I'm gonna have to find you on yahoo one of these days and get ya to tell me all about it... I absolutely adore flying... if I can fly somewhere rather then fly... sign me up...and that was awesome that Cleo was able to go up with you as well...
I hope that you are able to work towards your license.. then you can become a pilot and get lots and lots of money and then you can own your own plane and you can fly around to pick up all your crazy online friends :D
And we could all have a huge inflight party!!

*takes a deep breath*

whew ok I'm all better now :D
was getting a little ahead of myself there ;)

*laughing* but seriously I'm glad you guys enjoyed it ;) hope you can go back soon ;)

*hugs to you guys*

Anna said...

They both look like they had a great time. You've got yourself two future pilots!

Thanks for sharing the pics with us.


jerseytjej said...

I got a tingle just seeing them stand in front of the airplane...I love flying more that anything else (family and scrapbooking not withstanding...) While my passion is jumbo jets, I can honestly say that flying is more exciting than just about anything I have ever done!

Carmi said...

That is amazing! I have always wanted to learn how to fly, but never found the time to do it.

Something tells me I'll need to change my priorities at some point. It's an utterly magical way to live.