Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Whether it be in your home or in you computer, we just endlessly accumulate STUFF...My laptop got a COMPLETE SPRING CLEANING...So all the STUFF like programs, icons, folders etc ARE GONE. Many we use regularly mind you and many that seem to just take up alot of room for nothing lol.

I recieved my laptop back today YAY!! However, I lost EVERYTHING I had on it. So new harddrive, new pc basically. As much as it's kinda nice to start fresh, I lost alot of things that pain me. Many photos that I had in folders in my Image file. Thankfully I have many in my flickr account..but lost so much ...I wish I had thought to back it up. When your pc goes BOOM or rather goes...FLAT.. it's too late.

I lost the total blog list I had in my favorites. I will start rebuilding that asap, through comments in my blogger blog...so please comment to make my life easier, so I can do it without going many posts backwards to retrieve you all!!

One other odd thing...my new harddrive is now an english one...since I had the choice, I asked them to do that. Odd why? Well, now my french keyboard on this laptop works differently lol. My ? key is now in a totally different place, then it was, so is the / key, or the @ key...they are all where u are used to getting them yourselves. But before these keys represented letters with accents on them that an english key board doesn't have lol...It will be confusing for me for a few days untill my fingers get used to it lol.

So my imposed laptop total spring cleaning is good in parts, it's hard in others. I still have a few programs left to load on here ..but man oh man, it's good to be back in my comfy upstairs living room chair with my pc near me lol.

This past week, I even had to go buy myself a huge pair of very ugly, but very warm slippers to wear while on the pc downstairs. When I went down there to check mail and such, my toes were frozen within 5 minutes ..and I had to wrap a big blanket around me to keep warm lol...My nose would even get cold lmao!...We sleep down there, and I actually love a cold room to sleep. We love lots of covers and sleep really well. It's just not great for being on the computer lol.

It's good to be home up here lol.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Dear....I know what you are feeling, I REALLY do....I lost everything, like you, aboit two years and two months ago...It was FREEING in a lot of ways, and horrendous, in other ways...So I truly do understand the two feelings about this...I'm thrilled you could still get to me....And of course hopefully many other people will show up and you can rebuild your Blogroll....Just an idea: Google the names of blogs you remember and I bet quite a few, if not ALL, come up...!
Your weather sounds too freezy-cold for me, my dear...! If I get it together, I will post later---much later----lol--- how BEAUTIFUL it was here, on Monday....!

kenju said...

Welcome back, Moon. I don't like to be cold at any time, so I am glad you can be where you are warm!

PI said...

I have been wearing warm socks, day and night, all winter.
Some time back I got a virus and had to take it in to be cured .The engineer asked me what I wanted to save - he was ace - but I forgot my address book. One soon gets back to normal but I must do another back up this week-end when the family come.


Thanks for reminding me that I need to back up my computer again soon. Michele sent me. :-)

Anna said...

I'm so glad you got your laptop back. Now you won't be bored to death during the day upstairs.

I like sleeping in a cold room too under a big comforter with no socks!

I commented on the post before this one but I guess for some reason it didn't get to you.