Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I mentioned in my last blog that Chris was feeling crappy last Friday...Well, it got even worse. Over the weekend, crappy turned into a Flu and by Monday, Flu turned into full blown pneumonia. In the 6 yrs I have known him, I have never seen him sick, apart from a day of sniffles once in awhile. He himself admits, he hasn't been this sick in the last 20 years.

Let's face it, most men when sick with sniffles.. are on their deathbed. Well Chris is not like most men...he does not complain and hates to be a burden....and frankly as sick as he is, he would have every reason to moan and groan.

I hate him being sick, but I love being able to do the little things that can make things easier for him. He has done it for me so many times over the years.

So if tomorrow he finds that the antibiotics have not improved things, he was told by the doctor to get to the hospital ASAP. Fingers crossed that he doesn't have to do that.

The good knews is he will be home for Valentines..but only because he is too sick to go to work. He should be going back to work on Monday if all continues well.

I think one of the hardest parts of this week, is stopping in midstride of giving eachother a kiss....we are so used to giving eachother random kisses all the time, that we forget he is sick...and I certainly don't want to catch anything. So my Valentines kisses will be a few days late lol. Better late then never!!

Some people hate Valentines...and I can honestly understand the argument that it's a totally commercial means of generating millions for businesses all over. It is often seen as a guilt generating machine that forces men to purchase things for their partners that they wouldn't otherwise buy because of it all. Sadly it's far too prevalent that, were it not for Valentines, many men don't bother making that effort any other time of the year.

Having said's often the only time of the year that some women actually get such a gesture...sad I know but I understand it. In my last relationship of many partner wasn't romantic to save his life...but like many men, he was smart enough to show up on Valentines with the typical roses and some chocolates lol. Yes, it was easy and prompted by preasure...but HEY it was still nice to recieve and I still enjoyed getting them lol...

Today, I am one of those very lucky Chris shows me all the time how much I mean to him..he never needs an excuse to bring home flowers, or do something special for me..I am blessed everyday by this man. He is more romantic then I am even. So for us and many, well, hey we can use Valentines as just ANOTHER fun thing to enjoy however one pleases, but NOT for the reasons so many abhor about the day.

As a treat to us both in celebration of Valentines..We had planned to go to a Fondue Resturant on our day out on Saturday. Something more special then what we normally do. This is pending on how he feels by saturday though.

So if you could...please send positive vibes of good health towards Chris this week lol.

Do you have any special plans for Valentines or is it just another day for you? Share your thoughts.


kenju said...

Moon, I'm sorry he is sick and I hope he doesn't have to go to the hospital!

I will be working again tomorrow, so there are no special plans here. We will go out on Friday, though.

Granny Annie said...

Usually I cannot comment on your blog. I don't know why, but tonight it opened right up. Guess because of sending get well wishes to your Chris! Sounds like you got a good one and we know he got a good one! Happy Valentines to you both and hope you don't spend it at the hospital.

Anna said...

Make sure Chris knows he's got lots of people sending him get well wishes and that includes me!

I hope the antibiotics kick into over drive and he's feeling better tomorrow.

Your plans for saturday sound wonderful. You'll be able to shower him with all those saved up kisses too.

For's just another day.


...and a lil extra for Chris

*hugs some more*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope Chris gets better very quickly...Having had Pneumonia, many times, I can tell you it is nothing to fool around withg....! There seem to be some very virulent germs around these days. I keep hearing about many people who have gotten very very sick...Sicker than usual. So Be caefull, my dear, and lots of Chicken Soup for your Chris!

I like Valentines Day....It is a sweet Holiday and I have always loved all the pretty heart things that go with it....! The cards, the candy, etc....! So, I am not one of those who hates it, at all!

Star said...

Sorry your Valentine is sick, but it sounds like everyday is Valentines Day at your house. I am similarly blessed. I hope he is on the mend. We are planning dinner out. We usually avoid restaraunts at all costs on Valentines and Mother's Day due to crowds. But we are gong to a little neighborhood place we like, and going early so hopefully it will not be too bad.

Mirjam said...

Hi Moon! Happy Valentines to you too.
For me it's just like any other day, but I'm not complaining. :o)
Sending loads of good vibes for a speedy recovery to Chris. Really hope the medication kicks in.

((HHUUGGSS)) Mirjam Pera

PS)Luckily we can't get sick in SL :o)

JP said...

Hi Monette-

All the best to you and Chris on Valentine's Day; I'm sorry he's not feeling well and hope the antibiotics take care of things without the hospital. Best wishes as always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Moon, Kenny and I are praying for Chris...I know he will be up at 'em before long...You are blessed...I know how you feel about Chris...I thank God everyday for Kenny....HE is the love of my life...We went to casual dinner tonight and will go fancy next week to avoid the crowds...take care of, Fran

PI said...

Moon I'm sending positive vibes to your sweetie. We seem to have had the same experience with past and present relations and it sure makes one appreciate one's good fortune. Every day is Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had pneumonia. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Happy belated Valentines to both of you my friends. Love, Charly