Monday, February 18, 2008


Enough snow for you? It's enough for us I tell ya! Winter wonderland my %$@@$%%! LOL.

It is impressive though. As canadians we are used to harsh winters but some are more spectacular then others. This year is one of those with the amount of snowfall. It counts among the top snow fall yrs for sure.

Hard to believe that it will be gone in a few months, and the flowers will be blooming yet again lol. I think that is the only thing that keeps us all sane to be honest lol. Chris , LOVES all the snow and the cold winters. Odd really coming from a country that has much milder seasons.

So here are a few pics taken this weekend. You can also double click on any of them to see more in the flickr page. Below, I am infront of the house directly across the street from us. You can hardly see the house itself lol.


We have THIS MANY snowflakes!

This was taken last Sat. 16th/ feb...the first day Chris had been out all week...Thankfully recovering nicely from pnuemonia...we went out for our Valentines supper. A favorite fondue resturant. It was perfect.

The snowbank is higher then Chris but u can't really tell by this pic angle. He is 6' tall, but the tips of the branches touching the snowbank, are about 9-10 feet from the ground.

Chris is 6 feet tall..the bank is higher.

Catching snowflakes on her nose.

I luv to catch snowflakes on my nose.

This is taken from the front landing of my house, looking out.

Taken from my doorway.

Looking down my street...most of the houses are hidden lol!

Looking down my street.

There you have it. Our winter snow...anyone feel like making snow angels with me?


kenju said...

No, no thanks, Moon; don't want to rent any - wouldn't even take it for free! LOL

Pez said...

Wow! That is a ton of snow!

Star said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! Is that normal for you? we have had nary a flake all winter. Today was like 20 degrees above the norm. Good to hear that CHris is up and about.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These pictures are amazing! You weren't kidding about the amount of snow this year....It is almost unbelievable! Thanks for shoeing us this Winter Wonderland....!

I love the things you shared with me that you made as favors for your Wedding Guests....I am going to go to your Flicker and check them out!
I have had those stones for probably 12 years or more....! I have some bigger ones, too...They are outside in my garden, sort of....! Such a wonderful idea...!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well...I do not know how to find those Wedding Favor Pictures.
HELP! LOL! I went to your Flicker, but there usn'r any place where I could click on a subject or anything....! Well, if there is a simple way to see them...I'd love to!

Anonymous said...

Its like your back in Fernie BC Monette! I'm 6ft 4in and I remember when I couldn't shovel the snow any higher! Just wait till it all melts! James Sinclair

Melody said...

Oh my goodness that now is simply AMAZING!!! Glad your Chris is up and about. (How's the holiday planning going? Ours is going along lovely)

Bytch said...

loves angels, but im going to pass on the snow. We have the problem, OF just having one of our wettest summers, in a long time. Put it this way one of ours was down to about 28% in the last 2 weeks alone, its up to 35%. Thats alot of water, even though its not raining much through the day in the city i live in. At night it pelts down, my yard asnt tries out in over 3 weeks, and i live on the side of a hill.

cindy wilson said...

Get out while you can. Snow is beautiful when you look at it from inside the house another thing when you have drive in it....I hate the snow....


Bob-kat said...

That snow looks gorgeous! Of course, I'm not the one having to put up with it but we don't really get snow where I live so I can afford to love it. Your pics are great and that is one helluva lot of snow!

Glad your Chris is feeling better and you were able to get out for fondue. Sounds lovley :)

PI said...

That's a real winter wonderland but I imagine it outstays its welcome after a while. I am so weary of the miserable cold weather we are having this year. The only time I am really warm is in a hot bath. I'm beginning to look like a prune!

Anna said...

I was gonna complain about all the snow we've gotten this winter but after those pics I think I'll be thankful that my house isn't almost completely covered by it.

I'm glad Chris was well enough to go to the Fondu place.

Keep warm.


Anonymous said...

We have had some terrible cold snaps but have been spared the amounts of snow you have. Reminds me of the blizzard in the late 70's...LOL showing my age.
Miss you.
Thanks for the pics.

Omykiss said...

It's beautiful .. but I'm glad it's not mine!