Friday, February 08, 2008


Well, one very important thing got done today! Our passports are now officially processed! YAY! We should be getting them in about 2 weeks. I'm so glad that's done, for the past yr we have been meaning too and just never got around to it. The one day a week I actually do get out, we have better things to do then wait a few hours at the passport offices.

It only took 2 hours, not bad concidering stories of ppl waiting many more during peek times. We got our photos done yesterday..and seriously, they could pass for POLICE LINE UP photos!! Argh, I do get that they don't want ppl to smile...I get that we are usually hurried or haggard as we travel lol, but what's with no earings or any jewelry? Sheesh!

I can't help but feel, when u pose with a forsed serious look on your face...they actually make u look guilty for something lol...I mean they will take one look at my passport coming back from France and just KNOW I have 3 bottles of wine instead of the 2 allowed. Or some stinky but delicious cheese smuggled in ziplockbags, hiding in my lingery....I better shutup now.....

AFter the passport stuff was done, we went on to costco.We have started planning already...just because getting everything at the last minute will be costly...for instance we got some Maple Syrup Jugs to bring as gifts...and plan to bring Iced Apple Wine also. It's delicious and something different that isn't found there either.

I got some very cute, but very comfortable shoes to do lots of walking. A black pair and fawn pair..both $60+ each on sale for $20 each! HeeHee!

As much as I would LOVE to go nuts and buy a bunch of clothes for the trip...I want to be able to shop in Paris MORE!! So I will be as frugal as I possibly can. The good news is, we will be staying with family so laundry will be easy to do. The few clothes that I have that fit me will go far. If I do see a few things on sale at unbelievable prices.....well...thats different lol, I did find a $50 skirt today by chance...that cost me less then $8 lol...I tryed it on, and love it...I don't have stupid on my forehead, so I bought it lol.

So our day was fruitful..we got lot's done today. Chris took the day off for the passport stuff...but as the afternoon wore on, he began feeling crappy. Poor guy. We came home earlier then anticipated. I sent him to bed with lot's of vitamin C...At least he has 3 days instead of 2 , to take it easy.

Well that was my adventure for today...I can't wait to have my first passport! Chris will have his first Canadian one, as he has European one already. Hopefully in furture, I will have one also, I can apply for European citizenship, after being married to my frenchman 3 years. How cool is that!

As of this month...We canadians now need a passport to cross into the USA...something that was never required before. So have you got your passport yet???


Star said...

I keep mine current in case an opportunity to travel comes up. Sounds like you are ready to go.Your post reminds me of something to post. Thanks.

kenju said...

I have one, Moon. I got it renewed when we were going to europe in 2006. Glad you didn't have to wait too long.

cindy wilson said...

I have one, but am looking forward to getting an Irish passport when my Irish citizenship comes through. Should be sometimes this year. I haven't checked in to it but we could actually drive to France. Take a Ferry to England then drive to France we would be driving under water at some point...Sounds interesting.LOL

Take care

Omykiss said...

I can't believe it's so hard to get a passport! What happened to the postal service in Canada?

PI said...

I'm feeling excited for you. Now Moon - comfortable or no, be sure to break those shoes in during the next day or two . I have been VERY footsore in Paris. If you go near Le Pont Royale please give it my love. It's my favourite bridge.

Mirjam Pera said...

Hey Hey! No worries about the time it takes to get your passport. It's the same over here in Europe. :o)
You even have to go into the office twice! Different days too!

Oh btw .. this morning my router/modem decided he had done enough tranferring and died. May he RIP :o) I ran to the shop and bought me a new router/modem right away! This one is wireless!! No need to leave the sofa any more.
Now I can watch TV and be online all in the same place. Hehehe!. See ya in SL, Hun.

Love, Mirjam Pera

Hope this comment does get through .. been feeling like the blog-comment-phantom for a while now. *winks.

becomingkate said...

We need to get on that in the next month, especially since we're saving for a trip sometime before August.
Great find on the skirt - I love that!

Melody said...

We got our passports in the post the other week. It was a nice relief to have this all done - don't have to worry for another 10 years now (or 5 years for Monet's!)

Yousound like me, I so want to buy all these clothes to go to Europe with but we decided we'd do a bit of clothe shopping there instead. We're taking 2 suitcases over with plans on bringing 3 back! Travel lightly they say, so our last week in London we'll be buying up big. If the C/C allows! *heehee*