Friday, August 18, 2006


It's not what u think ya pervs....yes it was my honeymoon but like I would write about THOSE kind of details!

Our trip was a long 10 hours but we took our time. When we finally checked in we glad to finally have arrived. We got to the room and as I wrote about our lovely room on a previous post..we were blown away by the room and its awesome view.

We took the time to unpack and get settle in before freshening up for a nice late but leizurely dinner in the hotel at their Steak House (Keg) resturant. We were tired but happy and felt like we had all the time in the world.

We enjoyed the meal, it was great. We took a strole around the hotel to check everything out. On the 9th floor where the resturant was, there was also the Atrium where we were to recieve a free cocktail every evening during out stay. There was also the pool and spa area on the same floor.

Lobby level was very nice and had a Coffee shop and a Keg Bar and had a TGIFridays resturant along with a nice Gift Shop. Not to forget also the Attractions Tourist Desk for all your tourist needs and packages lol.

We made it back up to our room, by this time impatient to try out the jacuzzi tub for two! To let it just take away our days fatique to be trapped in the bubbles and wisked down the drain lol.

It was dark outside but with a view like that and being on the 26th floor we left the drapes wide open. They light up the falls at night with different coloured spot lights..its beautiful.

We dimmed the lights way low and both sunk into the bliss of the tub with its jets at full strength. Lying back with a deep sigh of pure enjoyment and luxury. AHHHH this is the life!
From the corner of my barely open eye, I notice some flickers of light on the wall. I sit up abit and turn my head to behold quite a sight.

Right there in front of our eyes, at room level..we see FIREWORKS!...YES FIREWORKS AS BEAUTIFUL AND SPECTACULAR AS EVER...RIGHT THERE in front of our window and we are seeing all this FROM OUR BATHTUB!!!.....HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Needless to say we were both AGOG...with wonder. It will be a precious memory for the rest of our have BATHTUB FIREWORKS on our first honeymoon night.

PS, the pic above was not taken that first night, but u see the window from the bathtub...imagine it all lit up with fireworks outside.

Have you ever had something totally unexpected happen to u that blew u away in your life that makes u smile when u remember it?


vanx said...

A Hollywood beginning.

vanx said...

Just to be clear about my comment at Michele's, my name is actually Mullin. When I was a kid, the other kids--well, mostly their parents--called me Moon Mullins. I subsequently named a green parakeet Moon.

Carrie said...

Oh I am so jealous! I want a jacuzzi tub. How exciting on your new marriage. Congratulations!

Morah Mommy said...

What a wonderful memory of your honeymoon!

Michele sent me!

Shephard said...

Look how happy you look!
What a great story. The hotel sounds fab.
I get the nicest feeling from your blog, and am glad I visited again.

Michele says hello!


Dawn said...

Congrats...what a wonderful way to start you lives together!!

Dawn said...

I came here on my own earlier but Michele sent me back...did you miss me while I was gone ;)

Theo said...

fun, i'm sure.

i walked up on a hawk in mid-meal during a hike once. he allowed me to sit and watch while he finished. then he was off. wonderful moment.

Michele sent me.

Wordnerd said...

What a great surprise! Sounds like the trip was fabulous.

My little surprise is not nearly as exciting, but it's memorable nonetheless. I live in the deep (I mean DEEP) South, where snow is a rarity. My birthday is in March, so snow, in the South, in March, is even more of a rarity. Anyway, I was out with friends to celebrate my birthday, and we happened to walk outdoors just as it hit midnight and it officially became my birthday. Suddenly, it started snowing. Just like that. I don't think I'll ever forget that birthday for that reason.

Here for the first time from Michele's. I'll be back soon -- it's great here!

JustSue said...

I have a mental image now of you two love birds, in your jacuzzi tub for two...sitting in the dark..oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the fireworks...and getting all pruney skinned from being in the water too long! LOL

Sounds like you had a fab time Monette! I am dead jealous!

margalit said...

Excellent tub shot. There is nothing like a big deep tub and lots of bubbles. YOu look so happy.

Here from Michele.

Maverick said...

How exciting!! You can't ask for anything better...soaking in a huge jacuzzi tub on your honeymoon & fireworks are going off in the background! How cool. You look so happy in the tub. Congratulations on getting married!

Sent from Michele.

Rae said...

Alright I want someone to post Michele's blog so that I can go over there... lol

And Moonie I'm so glad you loved the special fireworks display I ordered for you... cost me a pretty penny but you guys way deserve it ;)