Friday, August 25, 2006

Out of FODDER?

I am seriously at a loss. Since around January, I had my wedding preparations to blog about..all the little details and the big.

Then the wedding ofcourse.

After that, the brief but beautiful honeymoon a few weeks ago.

Chris' Canadian citizenship swearing in.


Do I want to resume the adventures of talking to my blind mute boarder? Atleast he doesn't interupt when I what if he opens his mouth to eat when I approach him. He opens his mouth when I say PILLS...cause I give him his pills in a spoon full of yogourt....Well, he would open his mouth if I said HIPPOPOTAMUS instead but hey ..I think its kinda cute, makes me smile.

If I am offending anyone by talking about my border and his is not my intention. This is my way to share what some of my day to day life is, living and caring for such a severely handicapped person 24/7...365 days of the yr. You try doing that and not need to let off abit of steam. I try with humour or sometimes it comes out with frustration...but usually towards the *team of paper pushers I have to deal with in acordance to my caring for my blind guy and my other gentleman who lives with us who is high functioning.

So here is a convo I had with my other gentlemans case worker this week.

I had to fill out paperwork for Rays school/learning adult classes. Most times I have to sign as the one responsible in a general sense as his care giver/foster family.
One question stood out on the medical sheet asking Who is his LEGAL gardian...or signer incase of an emergency?
This I am has never been an issue before..since all my former boarders had parents. My blind guy is under the Public Curator..but Ray isn't and he has no parents.
He has one brother but they spend 2 whole hours at xmas time with him and thats it.

So I ask the caseworker who says...

HER...Hmmmm I don't know. (big surprise)
Maybe it's u?
ME....No it's not me, I am his care giver (inward eye roll here)
HER...Or his brother? (start biting the inside of my mouth to feel pain)
ME....Ok, could be but it would be important to know either way don't u think?
HER...Well given he is high functioning and he can talk...maybe he can be responsible to make any decision?

ME....(TAKING A BIG BREATH TO REMAIN CALM)....UM (her name) I agree that he is highfunctioning but he lives in a foster care home because he is UNABLE to care for himself. If he could make said major decisions, wouldn't he be able to care for himself? Also, he talks yes, but ppl who don't know him have no idea what he is saying because of his diction disability..and when he is unsure of anything Ray ALWAYS says YES...(remaining calm on the outside while screaming ARE U FUCKING DAFT!! on the inside) I would even bet that if they told Ray that they wanted to remove his penis and stick it in his ear just for the fun of it, he would smile and say YES OK.

HER....Hmmm uh, yeah, I think u may be right.

THIS! is the kind of ppl I have to work with...Who are actually the same ppl who supervise, advise and /or makes sure I do my job correctly. I wonder when they figure out how TO DO THEIR OWN....

This is the same caseworker that held up her arm to ask a question at a medical conference of caseworkers and foster families and asked;
Does Schizophrenia fall under the heading of medical problem?... (I swear to god I kicked my friend under the table and bit my tongue to not laugh out loud)


PS...Someone asked in comments if I got the answer to my question. Not yet, the caseworker has to ask the Social Worker who may have to ask another and so on and so on and so on...


Chrissie said...

Yes - I see your point.
Did you ever figure out the answer to the question?

Here via Michele's.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow all very interesting. I have worked for a long time with those with developmentally disabled and violennt. Recently left because of a recurring neck injury. I understand the need to use humour to let go of some steam. It is a really healthy way to deal with it I think.

Michele sent me :)

Shane said...

ohhhh, "boarder!"

I was thinking, "is she talking about a border collie?"

You could always start fighting w/your new husband and blog about the fights. heh heh

cheers from Michele's.

kristen said...

here from michele's today -- i've worked a lot with special ed kids, not so much with adults. it can be very frustrating -- especially the paperwork etc.

and i think you will not have to look too hard to find things about which to write.

~Cathy~ said...

Hopefully SOMEONE can figure out the answer to your question... how sad that no one knows who his guardian is. :(

Here via Michele's...

sage said...

Hopefully nothing serious requiring authorization at like a hospital or something will happen before they figure it out. You must be a saint to do this. Here from Michele's.

Twist of Kate said...

Wow, these are all things I have never dealt with before ever. How interesting.

Hi, from Michele's!

colleen said...

I sometimes get stumped for about a day. The muse will return! Congrats on your weddding.

Karen said...

Wow, you certainly have your share of challenges. As the parent of a developmentally disabled child, I applaud you for working with your border. I'm sure it's really, really difficult.

Hope you have a great weekend! Michele sent me!

kontan said...

Here from Michele's and interesting sitch. It seems the legal would be the closest relative. ??? Hope you get your answer.

David said...

make up imaginary friends and blog about them

kenju said...

What a dilemma! I cannot believe that person didn't know the category for schizophrenia. How the heck did she get her job, anyway? Those guys sure are lucky to have you, Moon.

Michele sent me tonight.

vanx said...

I think you have plenty to write about. Obviously you do!~,:^)

mar said...

I love your style! keep on blogging, we'll keep coming back. Hey, Michele sent me!!!

margalit said...

Keep on blogging about moronic case workers and you'll have a mesmerized audience. Man, how did that idjit get a job.

Michele sent me

srp said...

Here from Michele.

Perhaps they will need to get the brother to sign something giving you power of attorney for him. That would be most logical as you take care of him on a daily basis and would be around in an emergency.

Wordnerd said...

Wow -- unbelievable, huh? It's frightening that these caseworkers have so much burnout. Thank goodness for folks like you -- sounds like you're all this guy has. God bless you!

Here from Michele's this evening!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is surely a dilemma. Why is it the people in these jobs are always seemingly unfit for those jobs? I say, "seemingly" but you get my drift here....I have one word for all this. OY!

charles ravndal said...

Well we all have our off-moments. I usually go out partying so I will have something to blog about!

Carrie said...

I rarely have bloggerblock but I know how it feels when it happens. It could be because of your new found audience.

Carmi said...

When I feel like I've run out of things to say, I take a long walk and try to think about nothing. My mind, once it's free of the pressure to create, magically starts to outline new ideas. It's like a clean kitchen that inspires a chef to cook.

There are always new stories to tell. We simply need to turn the brain off for a bit to allow them to present themselves.