Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is Keyser...a border collie puppy. Isn't he adorable?...He belongs to my sister Brigitte..They just got him last week so she has been very busy trying to teach and train him. Border Collies are very smart so u have to start showing them the right behavior patterns as soon as possible. They can be a total hand full if u don't keep them busy..because they are curious and smart they can get into heeps of trouble in no time lol...yes intelligence can be a blessing and a curse lol.

We were hoping that my daughter would go spend some time at my sister's during this summer..up till now it has been with the idea of her being an assistant for sis, during whatever photo shoots she may have etc but now we are trying to focus on her helping with the puppy...we think...hope, she will go...atleast for a few days..and if she likes it we could bring her back for a week before school starts. Right now we are focussing on the time we will be in Niagara Falls, that way we drop her off in Ottawa on our way and pick her up on the way back. For me atleast it means 4 days away from her friends and any drugs.

Her dad is like...well u can't force her bla bla bla, I know that for god sakes, but I am using every tool I have to get her there anyway. He isn't really helping.

He brings her to his house this week..and ONE day later calls me in the evening to say, Cleo just phoned to ask if she could sleep over at her friends house....WELL DUH! I say..ofcourse not. He says, I thought so too but I told her I would call u first...........Jasus, lets make me the bad guy ALWAYS!...Not only did I make the guidelines and enforse them for the 3 past weeks (and he didn't call once to see how she was doing) But it takes less then a day at his house for him to call me. We had gone over the curfew to make sure we were on the same page the day before. Sheesh.
I swear he couldn't grow a pair of balls to save his own life.

He also let me know on Sunday that he had reserved a night out of town for them, (his gf, daughter and her cousin) on a lake or river place etc...and coming back late wed. I looked at him ...I told you we had a councelling session on wed. He's like, you didnt tell me. I said, I told u last week. Yeah he says...u told me it was last week, not another one this week.....WHAT THE FUCK? DO you really think councelling is for one or two times and all it good, we are done? JASUS... but then, how would he know, he hasn't gone himself yet, oh oh but he says that he DID TRY to make an appointment weeks ago and the scheduling didnt work out....AND? THAT WAS WEEKS AGO!

Now during our convo his gf is in the background hearing his side of it, and I hear her putting in her 2 cents worth..and even says, well aren't they going to NIAGARA FALLS NEXT WEEK? They will be cancelling the session then too arent they? She is USING a sarcastic *TONE*....I hear this and just let it rip, lol, I told Michel that he better muzzle that bitch so she shuts the fuck up before talking about something she knows nothing about! Michel and I had already made arrangements for that week, between us, in the event that Cleo doesn't go to my sisters. So the stupid bitch had no right to add her comments to the mix!.........I was already mad enough at him, I didn't need to hear her assinine comments added to it. AND TOLD HIM SO!

Can you glean the fact that I am a little frustrated with the ASSHAT?..IT gets better. I tell him I will try to reschedule the session for tues morning (this morning) because he is only leaving in the afternoon for this trip. I get a call from the centre, they are both able to take us at 11am. It is now 10am. So I call my daughter, wake her up and tell her to get dressed we are able to go this morning. She is not happy to say the least but says she will get ready. I jump in the shower myself in record time I am ready. Drive over there and as I am waiting in the driveway waiting for her, her dad comes out, and asks whats going on. I am not surprised that Cleo didnt tell him, so I do. He then says, OK ..but they may not be leaving now anyway...It's supposed to rain! OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...SO FUCKING WHAT...wasn't the point just to go do something with her anyway?...ARG!

Here again I am...trying to do my part, making Cleo totally perturbed with me on top of it all, and him nonchalantly mentioning this in passing. No wonder I have high blood pressure now.

Good news is that we went. Chris stayed home with the clients ofcourse. No time for a sitter. Cleo had a session, although pissed off, I am glad she connected again with her counceller. Specially given that she won't be seeing her next week.

So now....I have also vented my frustrations...with the counceller and here...and to top that off, I want some icecream.....For those of you out there reading..I am both sorry and thankfull lol...Please bare with me...I WILL SURVIVE EVEN IF IT KILLS ME LOL....I am now off to forage for icecream...if that doesn't work...theres a Dairy Stand cpl blocks away...


Anna said...

I am so sorry about your day yeaterday hon.

I'm glad you were able to get in today even with all the craziness. Continuity is important.

You so need that time away, I hope the next few days are stress free.


Rae said...

I'm glad you were still able to get her in...

and Michel is a fucking idiot and his girlfriend is an even bigger fucking idiot making them both a waste of skin and oxygen...

and I hope the icecream was good ;)

JustSue said...

Ice Cream? (perk)

kenju said...

He's really cute, Moon. My daughter used to have a black dog that was half border collie and half black lab. She was the best dog and I loved her a lot. She was really smart too and she would herd the children when she thought they might be in danger.

Michele sent me.