Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Summer time TV an oxymorn...there is NOTHING good on tv during the summer. Thats ok, we shouldn't be sitting infront of the tube if its nice out anyway BUT..summer is also the time we actually rent movies more then any other time of the yr. Given we can't get out much with the clients we have here, it makes for some good movie night entertainment. So......

Last night we sat down around 9pm to start our movie line up. We were barely into the first one when we got hit by yet another thunder storm. This season we have been riddles with them. This one was a DOOZY though....Let me add that the past 2 days have been record breaking highs in heat and humidity...we were at 47C with the humidex yesterday...for u americans out there, that is aprox's fricken rediculous is what it is. We are lucky because we have A/C but there are so many ppl that don't who were suffering all over.

I have seen many thunder and lightening storms in my day but this one was the worse bar none. Usually when they hit, u see a lightshow with flashes and thunder claps for 5, 10 even 15 minutes...with pouring rain then its over...well this puppy went on and on for over an out with the brightest constant lightshow we have ever seen...there were 100 mph winds that had our trees dancing and lots of rain ofcourse. Within 10 minutes of it starting our electricity flashed a few times then just went dead. We lit some candles, watched and waited through the storm. When the lights didn't come back on, we got the radio out. I recommend one of these for any household. It is a crank radio, so even if you don't have any batteries, it will work just by cranking it. We also have a cpl flashlights that work on the same principle. I think they are a must for any home. We had candles going too ofcourse lol.

Radio informed us that there was flooding in Montreal and some area's and over 265,ooo ppl without power. Lines were down and it would be some time before some ppl would get it back.

We got our power back 16 hours later lol. I am thankfull it wasn't longer. We have did NOT open the freezer downstairs to conserve the cold and we kept the house cool by not opening up windows. It could have been worse..ALOT worse. We are lucky but it sure puts things in perspective when u loose all power. I will continue to add what ever tool I can to our OUT OF POWER moments.

I write this now but another storm has started, its raining HEAVILY and filling up the street outfront. I think I will start crossing my fingers and toes. Wish us luck we don't lose it again lol.


Rae said...

you mean you didn't go out back in your yard and dance naked in the rain??

I'm crossin all my shit for ya not to lose power again.. I miss my moonpie when she's gone :P

JustSue said...

Temperatures here in Toronto have matched yours in Montreal...and omg the AC here at home and it's been too hot to do anything at all without breaking out into a sweat. We've had storm warnings and tornado warnings for the area...but so far we seem to have escaped here in the east end of the GTA.

Hope you enjoy your movies tonight!!

Anna said...

You aren't kidding about it putting things into perspective. I've had it happen to me and it wasn't pretty. I really should invest on some power outage type equiptment.

I had fun talking to you until my battery died last night!

...and you sent us some of your storm cause it's going crazy here. Flash floods and thunder so loud it's scaring my doggies to death.

From what I heard Wrigley Field is flooded and already two deaths by the lakefront.

What the heck is going on?


Rae said...

I don't know if Chris gave ya my message or not ;)
but thank you so much... we got part of your storm last night... the lightening was beautiful and the rain was wonderful... it took some of the humidity away for us...

Morah Mommy said...

My parents are also in Montreal and they lost shingles from their roof from wed. storm. My older son is there and thought it was really cool!

Michele sent me! Have a great weekend!

Carmi said...

My parents were watching it from their 6th floor condo. I told them to take pictures, but they didn't. I guess I haven't taught them ANYTHING :)

Glad you're OK and are making it through the tough weather. Soon, we'll be into autumn and winter, and we'll be complaining about the snow!

Tracie said...

We have been having more power outages than usual this year for some reason. Hope you have happier weather this weekend!

Pearl said...

hello, Michele sent me.

I forgot to say that before.

We missed that power outage in Ottawa. The storm was spectacular here too tho.