Thursday, August 31, 2006


I have to go to the bank today and for some reason as I was pondering this I remembered an incedent that happed a cpl years ago in this particular bank.

My girlfriend liz and I were in the line waiting our turn for the teller. It was a particularly busy day, so the line was a long snake tamed between the confines of the roped fence.

Liz and I both do the same work as foster familys for mentally handicapped adults. We were trading war stories and talking about lots of different things to pass the time as we waited.

All of a sudden the woman in line behind us, interrupts us. All smiles, she says ''I couldn't help but over hear u talking ladies. If I may, could I introduce u to some products that could change your lives? Make you healthier but most of all, help you to lose weight!''

We were actually dumbfounded! I just looked at the woman, trying to keep from actually frying her to a crisp with my lazer charged eyes.
Liz however just muttered a slight ''Oh?'' for lack of a better thing to say.

As most who have seen my photos, knows I am far from being a slim woman. My friend Liz is the same. Struggling with weight issues is not fun and anyone who knows that can agree. I a matter of fact Liz and I did not utter a word about our weight or any diet we may or not have been trying out as we talked in the line. Neither of us knows where she got her segway to interrupt us. We figured just being so near two fat chicks triggered dollar signs in her frontal cortex, hense the pounce.

We just stand there in a line full of ppl, not wanting to make a scene, as this woman continues her speel. I am calmly seething btw. Liz is trying to be polite but turning redder by the second. Then out of a shopping bag , the lady produces this BIG ASS album/binder! With photos of before and after ppl and the products etc etc. She can tell by now that I am not being very hones in her claws towards Liz.

As we are coming to the end of our rope (in more ways then one) the woman hands us her card with glee. I gladly take it.

We get our banking done and on our way. I was hoping to catch the lady outside the bank but no chance. I was comforted by the fact that she gave me her card. (wicked grin)

I waited an hour to call. She answered. I reminded her I was one of the ladies of the bank. She was thrilled that I would call! I could hear the CHA-CHING in her voice.
I calmed said this;
''For future reference I sincerely hope you NEVER assault anyone in public again!''
''Um what? Um I um''.....she mutteres
'' As far as I am concerned u assaulted us. You were not solicited by us for your product. Nor did we invite you to show us anything. You ignorantly assumed because we are heavy women that u could *save* us or *teach* us, not to mention *sell* us products. What if we are perfectly content with the way we are? Or what if I told you that I have lost 100lbs already on my own terms, and because of that I felt fantastic about myself! (niether is true but I was making a point).
Then in the middle of a crowded bank, UNINVITED BY US! you start showing me and my friend your HUGE binder of products and photos. How is that supposed to make us feel! Who in the world do u thing you are to do that to ANYONE!..It was humiliating and uncalled for!
Let me suggest to you right now to NEVER do something so stupid again. I was planning to report you to the bank for your unsolicited harrasment while we were being held hostage in the bank line . I am also of a mind to call your superior to complain. I can only imagine he would find it interesting that u had the balls to do that and hopefully sell products but I don't think he would appreciate the bad press if I were to submit a story in the local paper not to mention the negative word of mouth generated by it.''

'' Um er, I didn't realize ....but u invited me to continue.''

''We did no such thing! We were like 2 deer caught in the headlights. We had no opportunity to stop you once you started and frankly given our predicament of being trapped like mice in a maze of ppl. We both acted with as much class as we could. Something you obviously know nothing about. I just hope that in future , if you try that again, you won't be as lucky. Someone else may not care how it looks if they took your Binder and shoved it where the sun don't shine!''


Have you had anything out of the blue happen to you? Or seen jaw dropping bad behavior? Share some stories lol.


JustSue said...

OMG Moonie you rock!!

(Makes mental note NEVER to p-off Monette).

Carmi said...

I applaud your courage to respond as you did. It definitely took guts. Her conduct was unbelievably crass.

I once interviewed a woman for a job on my help desk team. She didn't exactly overwhelm me, so I politely began to end the meeting. As I was doing this, she casually mentioned that she was a sales representative for Pampered Chef.

I quickly moved past this inappropriate come-on and sent her on her way.

Not an hour later, she sends me a detailed pitch by e-mail, then proceeds to call me every day for the next week, trying to get me to get my wife to consent to have a Pampered Chef party at my house.

When, after a week, I finally stopped routing her through to voicemail, I summoned the courage to tell her to stop pitching me. She then asked if she got the job.

Um, no.

Some people...

utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Moon.

LOL No, I've never had anyone try to sell me anything in line. I tend to not like being in public and probably have a bit of a glare in my expression even at the best of times--so that might keep salesfolk away.

Shane said...

you shoulda said:

That's wonderful news Miss. Oh by the way, I highly recommend you call Dr. Ivan Johnson -- he's a wonderful plastic surgeon and I'm absolutely sure he could do wonders for you too -- just think, with your new face and my new slim figure - we could rule the world.

Pearl said...

Wow, that's a wild sales pitch story. The closest I ever came to that was minding my own business walking in a park to have someone try to sell me on Jesus. I said something that he took as rude given the way he swallowed his lips. It's funny when people launch into a pitch enthusiasm can overtake sense.

Carrie said...

I can never come up with anything quick and witty.

I had a client the other day ask me when my baby was due. LOL. I felt more bad for her than myself.

Gina said...

I have 3,5 young adults,daughter 8 who eats like an adult, 13 y.o. twin boys that eat like horses and a weekend stepson that never met a meal he didn't like, lol. While standing in line at a large supermarket a woman in front of me comments on the amount of food I have in my basket. I was dumbfounded and could not fathom WHAT gave her the idea that I needed her approval or input on my grocery habits! When The Hubbs came back I asked him to please tell the woman in front of me that while I appreciated her concern it is not politically correct or polite to discuss somebodie elses grocery purchases UNLESS you plan on paying for them. She stood there grinning at me like the village idiot and of course The Hubbs refused to translate it for me but you get the idea...sign me seething in Sweden