Saturday, September 02, 2006


We didn't have internet yesterday...ALL DAY!...

It's not like I have to be online but when you CAN'T you just want to.

There was a time when I kept sane by coming online to chat with friends or in chatrooms. Being so isolated working at home, it was what kept me going during some difficult times in my life. Now I rarely go into chat rooms. When I do, I become so disappointed at how adults act...there are so few coherant ppl in them now I have to wonder whether chat just changed completely or did I? Apart from a few glimmers of intelligent life, it would seem that most just check their intellect at the door...(if they have it to begin with is questionable)

Anyway.. these days, I usually have my laptop near by to either play a few favorite games, read blogs, or check and send email and yes sometimes I actually do a blog post lol. Nothing really life altering.

But having that option taken away yesterday...made me realize how easy we become hooked to something. I used to be that way in the days of chatting but I thought I had gone way past that. On holidays or when I can actually get out of the house, it never even crosses my mind unless something cool or interesting happens and I think of it being a good blog post. I guess just knowing I couldn't do my normal routine put a kink in my day lol.

Are u internet hooked? Or are u the once in the blue moon internet surfer? Would it bug u to lose it for awhile?


Sparkling Diamond said...

I can relate to what you are saying. I don't have multitudes of ppl emailing me, I don't post on my blog daily...but there is something about taking a break from my studio and checking mail etc. Many times I have said when I get up in the morning that I am going to alter my routine. That there is NO need to log on first thing...but do I? guess it is kinda an addiction eh? LOL
Here from Michele's!

kelley said...

know i am. First thing i do when i get up at 4 in the morning is put it on. Slide throw my friends blogs, now and then even leaving comments. Slip into my email, maybe even answer some. Its my way of keeping up, if those that i visit were closer, i might call instead of visit their pages, but some how i dont think they would enjoy be woken at that age.

I have a hard time being out in the public eye. The net gives me a chance to feel like i belong.

Here there used be stories, of the women of the house hanging over their fences, talking to their next door neighbours, and getting all the news of the street. Guess this is just the new age way of hanging over the fence.

Carmi said...

My work depends on access to the Internet, so I guess you could say I'm more or less addicted.

If I can't log on, I'm unable to conduct research. Sure, I can focus on writing and other internally-focused activities when I'm cut off. But I tend to use the Internet all the time - for quick fact checks, questions to my team, responses to journalists, etc. - so losing it has a major impact on me no matter what I'm doing.

Of course, sometimes it's just nice to enjoy the silence.

Nic said...

What a beautiful Moon Goddess picture!

Me, I am super internet dependant. The man I love is in Iraq and this is the easiest way to get in touch with him. I would go STIR CRAZY without being able to have contact with him for any length of time - as was the case last week. He was injured and was flown to Germany and I didn't hear from him for 3 days and I just knew something was wrong. He called me from the hospital there and I let out a huge SIGH of relief that he was alive and alert. So especially now, after that, I would be batty without that contact.

Chrissie said...

I enjoy your blog. Here via Michele's.
Funny - I know exactally what you mean about when it's gone you want it worse. I'm the same with my cell too. Maybe even moreso!

Mike said...

It is always frustrating when the internet connect is down. I play online games as well as blog reading so I hate it when I can't get online.

Here from Michele.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Hello Michele sent me.

Yeah I'm trying to cut down on my internet usage.

margalit said...

I have been totally and completely addicted to the internet since the 1980's. I have it BAD. I've been known to plunk myself down in the library for hours when our DSL goes down. Or to call a friend and have her read my email to me. Sad, huh?

Here from Michele

Wordnerd said...

I know exactly what you mean! I feel like my arm's been cut off if I don't have my internet access. What did we do years ago? I can't even ponder it.

Here from Michele's this evening!

Becky68 said...

Here from Micheles!
Yes, I'm addicted to the internet! I have satellite internet so if we have a heavy downpour I'm out of commision for the duration, also, the company isn't that old yet & have occasional growing pains which cause connection & server problems- which I hate!.

Michelle said...

I am one of those that gets on almost everyday, but when I can't get on I really want to get on!! When the internet went out here I went crazy!! Have a great weekend! Here via Michele.

Bess said...

I'm completely hooked on the internet. Not just for email and blogging, but for basic information about anything. When I'm looking for the phone number for my hair stylist; when I want to find a recipe; when I want directions; when I wonder what hours a store is open... Everything, I look for it online. If some catastrophe happened and the whole internet crashed, I'd have to completely re-learn how to find information. I don't even have a phone book in my apartment!

kenju said...

I am so hooked you wouldn't believe! It kills me not to be able to get on the computer every day.

Rae said...

Hey Moonpie :D

I agree totally about me being addicted.
When my internet goes down I become like a caged cat of sorts pacing, not knowing what to do with myself.

Most of my friends are online and I try to talk to them a lot of the time.

Usually if the internet goes out I try to stay out of the apartment as much as possible,

Gawd.... I'm so addicted... lol

h&b said...

I used to read a lot before the internet, I love to read.

If I didn't have the internet and all my lovely blogs to read, i'd read way more books and mags ;)

Here from Michele's today