Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

I know I know, some of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking..OH Brother...another mother going on about giving birth story lmao!

Well suck it up...16 is a milestone year..the next one will be...hmmm when she Graduates? Marries? Gives birth? ...heck if I know...could be awhile at any rate. So here it goes.
One of the photos to follow may for some reason offend some ppl out there ..WHY? Because somehow the idea of woman doing one of the most natural things in the world , done since the dawn of time.BREAST FEEDING..for some unforsaken reason, make some ppl uncomfortable. So be forewarned. It is the only pic I have of her on the first day I saw my daughter. I had a C-section so the very next day when I was able to sit up I wanted to bond with her as soon as possible. Hense this pic....
Cleo day old
Bare in mind I just woke up from a C-section a short time before this. I was terrified as first mothers often are. Yet when she was put in my arms...I felt calm. Like somehow I would know what to do. The days that followed, I certainly didn't feel so confident but I seemed to muddle through. I was able to breast feed for 6 months and I would recommend it for anyone asking.

Look at that face ...what a cutey!
Cleo at aprox 8 weeks old

Look at that face.....what a beauty!

She has become such a beautiful person. Inside and out. She strives to be individual and does it with panash. She is funny, smart and headstrong. All reasons why we often clash as she and us go through these difficult teen yrs. As many parents could testify...Going through the teens can be trying at best lol.
On a positive baby is SWEET 16 TODAY!....JE T'AIME MA BELLE!et BONNE FÊTE!!


Anna said...

She is indeed an absolutely beautiful young lady but what else did you expect? She gets all her looks from her mom! This is a milestone birthday and I hope you have a great time celebrating it.

Happy Birthday Cleo!

Anonymous said...

I think you have done a terrific job raising an beautifull intelligent creative young woman.
Time will prove you right !!!

your anonimous husband.

Maverick said...

Wow. Amazing post...and an amazing daughter you have. Absolutely beautiful...glad to have stopped by, via Michele.

netchick said...

Michele sent me today!

Your daughter is beautiful... You are a lucky (and obviously very proud) Mom! Happy birthday to her!


Sandy said...

OH! Happy birthday!! 16 is such a milestone - Congrats to her and to you for getting this far.

What fantastic photos too! Did you take them?

Michele sent me over to wish your 'baby' a happy 16th

~*Kris*~ said...


srp said...

Here from Michele.

Happy Birthday to the young lady. My daughter went through the Sweet 16 four years ago now. Let's see. The next milestone... 18, then 21....and so on.

kenju said...

A beautiful baby and a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Moon's girl!

Michele sent me tonight.

Catherine said...

That last photo is wonderful - hope she has a very happy birthday.
Michele sent me.

kristen said...

moon, she is beautiful - just really beautiful. and the nursing picture is fantastic! in the last picture she just shines.

thank you for stopping by my blog. funny that bit of connection there *smile*

Gina said...

She is so glamourous at 16! I love the photos, especially how her foot turns over to the side in a young girl's gesture, wearing a woman's shoe...Beautiful! Happy Birthday Cleo!

WendyWings said...

They do grow up so fast I have an 18 year old and a just turned 5 this week daughter.
Happy birthday to your daughter all the best people are born in September.
Michele sent me tonight.

Princess said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is very lucky to have you as a mum :)
Great pics!!
Michele sent me.
have a great weekend


JustSue said...

Bonne Fete Cleo!

OMG Monette, 16? Where do the years go?

vicki said...

Hello and Happy Birthday, mother and daughter! a lovely post and a lovely young woman. Michelle sent me.

Jay said...

Wow, 16 years, that's kind of crazy. Happy birthday to her.

utenzi said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Moon Daughter.

Your daughter looks remarkably like you, Moon. Was there any cloning involved here? It's a little scary just how mature she looks, Moon. I wish you good luck with that aspect!

Michele sent me over to see y'all.

Shephard said...

Stunning photos! She is a beauty. With great taste and style, as well.
Here from Michele's,
~S :)

Dana said...

Happy Birthday to her and congratulations to you, Mom! I love the first photo. I breast-fed my two sons and was glad I did. I just wish I had a picture of me with them at that time. Breastfeeding, I mean.

lab munkay said...

Beautiful pic's of the both of you. Happy congradulations.

mary said...

She's simply gorgeous..more so when someone is well rounded both inside and out..much credit to you beautiful mother.

Happy birthday to her..and congrats to you.

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

She is gorgeous! Happy Sweet 16!