Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yes, I finally past the 50 lbs off mark!! Whoo hooo...took longer then I thought though. I wasn't able to get on the treadmill for almost a month due to the prolonged broncitis and 2 series of antibiotics..glad thats over.

As you can see, the green pants are abit on the big side now lol. I can remove them without undoing them now. I will keep them as my fat pants lol. If I ever put them on again, it will be after ALL the weight is off to see if I can fit both legs in one pant leg.

The top hangs alot now too, it's hard to tell how much more room there is in there now, with it being black.

Ok, the funny side is ofcourse that gravity is taking over my body...things are being pulled towards the earth so to speak. My orbs of joy or rather, planets of pleasure are becoming flattened asteroids...I will soon have to roll them up to put in bra cups lol.

I really don't's a bridge I will cross health is more important right now...besides...just after my surgery for the lump on my back...Chris and I were having a coffee in a resturant before going home. He says to me..''I will start calling you Jamie''

''Jamie? Why Jamie?'' I said.

''WE WILL REBUILD YOU'' he says with THAT *tone*

I almost peed myself. ...For those who are too young or don't remember ...(THE BIONIC WOMAN) LOL

If u go into flickr, click on the WEIGHT LOSS there u can see the pics set up to see the difference...all face together, front, side etc...the first shots I took before surgery to now, is remarkable the difference lol. To think I have so much more to go...My next small goal is to finally break the 200lb mark...only 12 lbs to go for that one.... I will post a pic for that for sure...but the next ones that will go in the WEIGHT LOSS folder will be at the 75lbs lost...hard to believe I will ever get there but then , I had a hard time believing I would get to 50 and here I am lol.

Thanks to all my friends & family in here and everywhere for all your kind words, encouragements and support. It makes this whole journey so much more enjoyable.

OK, I have a stupid look on my face, hard to concentrate while holding up pants lol


Bess said...

Congratualtions, Moon! :) (That last picture is suuuuuper cute.)

JustSue said...

*squeals with delight*


I am soooo proud and excited! You rock girl!

Anna said...

Gawd you're beautiful! This, of course, we all knew!

John didn't recognize you.


Mr. Althouse said...

Congratulations. I have had my own demons to conquer and I know how hard it can be. You should be very proud of yourself.

Michele sent me,


craziequeen said...

Michele sent me to say 'Well done, Moon (or should I say 'Jamie'?)'

Oodles of congrats :-)

My weight is on the way down again now, thanks to re-enactment and lots of walking ready for the Race for Life....


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit, and a Hearty Congratulations to you! That is a fantastic accomplishment!

Shephard said...

Congrats! I know exactly how that feels. I'm doing the Oz program, and I've lost quite a bit in 6 months.
My goals sound similar. Feels wonderful.
Congratulations again!

Michele says hello!

kathy said...

Great work!