Thursday, May 24, 2007


It seems like just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms ....oh wait, I did hold her in my arms yesterday...just not as a little baby. Time certainly flys by! My baby will be graduating from highschool this time next Thursday. I can hardly believe it.

She is 16, so rather young but she was always the youngest in her class because of her birthday. For those who don't know, Quebec grades are different from the rest of canada or north america, they use a different system which translates to only doing 11 yrs, rather then 12. Elementary school is basically the same, grades 1 to 6 then when they start highschool it starts over with Secondary 1, Secondary 2 and so on, till Secondary 5 , the year they graduate and go onto college. Most kids graduating are 17 or 18. Cleo is 16 now, will be 17 in Sept.

I think she has grown the most in the last year. We have had many ups and down as teenage martrdome progesses but she made some very valid points over that journey and a few misguided mistakes which also goes with the territory. We have many more hills to climb but we we take one step at a time.

I am liking the woman she is becoming. She has her own style and way about her. She likes to be different and does not fit any group mold or limit herself to ppl in said molds. There are so many specific *groups* in schools now, Fresh, Punk, Goth etc etc...she tends to be on the goth side of style but has always had friends from all groups unlike many. She looks forward to college to meet new ppl of all walks of life. She is going into the arts and being the free spirit she is I think she will do well if she pushes herself to do her best.

She aches to be on her own, didn't we all at that age. I look forward to seeing her grow and learn lifes lessons while trying to be supportive without breathing down her neck. Not always easy as a mom I think.

I just had to post pics of my baby. Yes I am one of THOSE moms lol.

3 months old..

Cleo at aprox 8 weeks old

Last June, 15 yrs old


June 06, 15 yrs old

My daughter, the gothic princess

15 yrs old , from our wedding pics


Most recent pic, last month visiting her cousin in hospital. 16 yrs old.

Chantal & Cleo

How they grow up so fast. Moments, minutes, snapshots in time. All meld together to seem like yesterday and u wonder where the time has gone.


Ramona said...

She is a lovely girl! Very Funky!

kathy said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations on her graduation!

Mr. Althouse said...

Congratulations! I have one left to graduate HS. He's 17 and has one year left... I can hardly wait.

Michele sent me, Mike

Blue Monkey Jammies said...

What lovely photographs. Thanks so much for sharing.

My girls are only 11 and 8 but they seem to be practising to be teenagers even now. One is off to high school next year. Heaven help me :)

Dana said...

Time does fly, doesn't it? My kids are still in elementary school, but it won't be long until the oldest is in high school. I can't even imagine what it is going to feel like when he graduates.

Red Clover said...

I remember when I first saw her she still had that kid chubby face. Now she's a woman. WOW

Congrats Cleo! (and moon)

Can't wait to see you next month (hugs)

JustSue said...

Congrats Cleo!

Poisonheart said...

Your daughter is a very beautiful girl, and I am so pleased that she is not afraid to be herself. I am a Goth myself and have a little sister who is a Goth also, but its so nice to see a mum who understands and loves her daughter for who she is. Be proud of yourself!