Sunday, May 20, 2007


Chris and I had a great day Thursday. We drove 3 hours to Quebec City to spend the day. Why? Well...My Aunt Simone and Uncle Ed were on a cruise across north america and one of their stops was for more then a day in the port of Old Quebec. They live in BC (British Columbia) totally across the country. I hadn't seen my aunt in aprox 14 yrs when she came out east with my cousin then for a short visit. My uncle hadn't seen me in about 28 yrs. So yes we had all changed abit lol.

These are my godparents. I spend alot of time with them and my cousins (3 boys) growing up in small town Fernie BC. Fernie is a skiing town in the BC rockies. I have some great memories of going on small trips with them to the US . The first time I had breakfast in a resturant was with them and I remember when the waitress asked me how I wanted my eggs, I dumfoundly looked at her and said ''FRIED''... I had no idea what sunny side up was etc lol and u can bet my cousins gaffawed with laughter at me.

Also one short weekend trip, my aunt was perplexed as she saw my bag of clothes for the one overnight outting. I was trying to decide what to wear so she came and laughingly started counting the tops I brought with me. I had 13 tops...yes 13 tops! I was so worried I wouldn't have the right thing I think I brought my whole top wardrobe. I was about 12 yrs old and she STILL hasn't let me live it down lol.

My Uncle still tells the story of my empting a hotel pool and leaving a chip on the bottom when I jumped in the shallow end and hit my chin. Still have the scar to prove it. Could have been worse...but since it was minor we have always laughed about it.

So it was great to see them both and have them meet my husband Chris who they loved. We took in the sights together and had fun reminising about the old days. Showing pictures of my cousins and their children while I brought my wedding book to share with them.

I have added a bunch of pics here of us and some commercial ones I found on Old Quebec to share where we walked etc. Only because we talked so much that we often forgot to take pics lol. I hope u enjoy the tour. It's such a great place to visit and the Oldest part of North America!

In the lobby of Chateaux Frontenac In Old Quebec

Matante Simone & Moi

This is a very cool mural painted on a wall there.

Mural, Old Quebec

In front of the Basilica about 30 mins from Quebec in Sainte_Anne_de_Beaupré

Simone & Ed & I

This is the ship they sailed in on. The Maastadamn. They love curises but this particular one was given to them by their 3 boys last yr for their 50th wedding anniversay.


Signs in Old Quebec

Old Quebec street signs

We went up this elevator u see to be above where the Chateau is.

Elevator that goes up to the Chateaux in Old Quebec

So there u have it. We had a great day. The only thing that could have made it better is being able to see the inside of the ship but although my aunt and uncle asked...they were told that it was not possible. Only those with boarding passes could enter. Oh well, they tried.

Old Quebec City

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