Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My niece Chantal who is 18 yrs old...had her baby lastnight. Yes, she is very young and we hope to be as supportive as we can.

The last 3 weeks, she has been very sick, nausia, can't eat anything, abdoman pain etc...She was admitted in to the hospital over a week ago...they thinking she had a sort of gastro. Being pregnant, she was dehydrated so she was getting fluids by intervenus....this continued for 6 days..they discharged her when she was able to eat abit of jello!....Chris picked her up from hospital and she came here. She had lost reams of weight and looked horrid...doc suggested she take hot baths to ease her abdoman pains. She did get alot of relief from them, but as soon as she was out for 30 mins, she would then, draw another bath..this went on all night poor thing.

We took her home next day. I told her to let me know if she felt better or worse. That very night she called, saying she was worse...Call 911 I told her. Her dad ended up going to her place to take her to hospital...they are in another town from us.

They admitted her again THANKFULLY... did more tests

Last night we got the call that she would have an emergency C-section...they finally figured out what she had, its very rare and called ACUTE FATTY LIVER FROM PREGANCY not many cases in the world actually the doctor said.

Her liver was at a point where it looked like one of a 50 yr old alcoholic' was degenerating so fast it could kill her and the baby. The had to do the C-section lastnight, she may not have made it through the night.

She gave birth to a little boy 4lbs 7 onzes, 17 inches long...not bad for a month early and from a mother that had lost so much weight. His breathing is difficult being a premi, and he has jauntist like his mom. He has been transported to another hospital today for his lungs.But prognosis is actually very good...and he will be returned to the hospital his mom is at as soon as he is stable.

So far Chantal is in the ICU ..she is being closely monitored...2 things can happen...her liver metabolism can start to regenerate or not. We are just waiting for blood results. She lost alot of blood lastnight also, they had to give her transfusions. The good news is already lastnight at midnight, when we were with her ..she had no more nausia and she was actually hungery...this can only be a good thing. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Her bf was with her in surgery and with us for the rest of the time. He was able to go spend time with his son, but we were not able to really see him.

I was with my daughter and Chantal's dad. He was white and scared and trying to stay calm....I knew I had to constantly reasure him...I also knew he was reliving being in the hospital when his wife died. Chantal looks the spitting image of her mom. I was glad I was there for her and him...Cleo my daughter was also afraid for her cousin...them two are like sisters...each only children, almost the same age..get on eachothers nerves lol...but love eachother dearly. Cleo is hard to console, she keeps it all in. I try to be strong for everyone, be the's easy for me because I am the lucky one. I have a husband that understands me and knows how to be my soft place to fall.

We were all relieved to say the least when we were able to be with her around midnight in the ICU... Now its prayers and time that will help her get through this. I took photos in the icu of all of us with Chantal. Like we told her, her son will need proof she went through hell to have him in the future lol. I am going back to spend this afternoon and some evening with her. I don't have any pics of baby yet..but will post some when I am able too.

This is Chantal with her bf Jeff.
Chantal and her dad Sylvain
Chantal and Cleo

Me and Chantal


Anonymous said...

What an ordeal you all have been through! Im so glad to hear she is feeling better and wanting to eat! Your right, thats a very good sign! Many blessings to all of you and I will keep them in my prayers.

Marybeth said...

Moon, she has her age factor working in her favor. Being so young helps them bounce back from the most horrid sicknesses. I pray for her and the baby. That was/is very scarey. Thank goodness she has a Auntie who cares about her alot and she got the help she needed fast. Sorry your family is going through this. Hugs GF. I hope for the best possible outcome for her and her baby. What did they name the baby?

Bess said...

Oh lord, what a scary experience! For your niece and for the whole family. I have to say, though, for what she'd just been through, she still looks lovely in the photographs (if a little wiped out!). :) She's fortunate to have such support from her family -- especially such a caring aunt. :) And we're so lucky today with medical technology. That they could catch her condition at all, before it was too late -- and perform a C-section -- and take care of a baby born a whole month early, so that he's got as good a chance as any baby at having a normal, healthy life -- it's really amazing, when you think about what medicine was like 100 years ago, or even 30 years ago. Anyway, sending all love and healing thoughts to your family! :)

JustSue said...

Well I guess I am a little late in getting caught up with Blog news! (and heck we were chatting on IM earlier today and you never mentioned this!!) I hope all is going well for the new mom, the new day and the new baby. Looking forward to pics of the baby! :0)

cindy wilson said...

Keeping your neice and your whole family in my prayers.