Sunday, May 06, 2007


You will not believe this. As I had reported, the baby was transported to another hospital because they were better equiped to deal with his undeveloped lungs.

Chantal was happily able to leave the ICU on friday morning to go up to the maternity ward. Her doctor told her however that they would keep a close eye on her liver and enimia etc, that he wouldn't let her out for quite a while yet.

Later in the day, given the baby was quite far, downtown Montreal, they decided since she needed to recover for awhile still, that it would be far better for baby and mom to have her recooperate at the same hospital as the baby. Letting her see her son and also giver him her expressed milk. By all rights, it was the best thing to do for both of them.

So friday late they transported Chantal to the same hospital her son was at. All is good right?...Next day, Chris and I planned on visiting her at the other hospital late afternoon. We had shopping for Chantal to so, and some of our own. I get a call on my cell from Chantal, asking if she can stay at our house for a few days, as they were going to discharge her from hospital but she was advised not to be alone.


OH they seemed to think she was fine, her stats were normal yada the whole point of being there was not necissary as far as they were concerned. Did I mention that her former doctor, had specifically asked that a Gastroenterologist see her while there also. No such thing happened.

So basically, by the time we got there, her bags were all packed and she was being sent on her way! As it was Sat, no one seemed around and although I wanted to speak to someone about this...I figured that nothing I would say to anyone would make a difference, since it's an allmighty doc who didn't give a shit, made that call anyway. We went to see the baby then took her home.

She took a long bath here but after that she was wiped out...very weak and I was still brissling from her treatment. Her dad was major pissed off also, he suggested she call back her first hospital and tell them she had been sent home.

She did...talked to a nurse on the maternity ward. They couldn't believe it! Told her to come back to the hospital through emergency and she would be calling her doctor at home in the mean time.

It didn't take 10 minutes for the nurse to call back. Seems her doctor was totally pissed off and said, she had to get back to the hospital asap, not even go to emergency..She was to go straight up to maternity. He had told the nurse to get a room ready for her and she was to be set up with an IV asap. Btw, she hadn't even gotten an IV in the other hospital.

When her doc found out that a gasterenterologist hadn't even seen her at the other hospital, he went balistic...we found out that he had called the doctor oncall at the other hospital and ripped him a new one lmao! FINALLY..

So lastnight she was back in a bed in the first hospital...her liver stats are still too high (wow go figure) but they are getting better. When doc found out that baby was breathing freely without aid, he has put in the order to ship him back to them so Chantal can be with him. YAY!

I am liking this doctor more and more.

She is all set up, and this brief reprieve atleast got her here long enough to have a long bath. I had all her dirty clothes and washed them. Her dad came by today to bring them to her. I had gotten her a good breast pump yesterday so she was able to bring that with her to the hospital. We are all breathing a sigh of relief that she is where she should be.

BTW, her doc, doesn't work weekends, but he went in to see Chantal today anyway. Assured her that they would be ontop of everything to make sure she is alot stronger before she went anywhere. Being as young as she is it may not take long but he was still very angry at how the other hospital handled her.

Now for the GOOD PART! YES I have pics of the baby! So enjoy.

Her is the daddy Jeff.
I just had to take a pic of his tiny little toes.
Mom and dad watching over there little boy.

Chantal with her son.

My daughter Cleo with Chantal.

Keyshawns incubator.

There he is...4 days old. Holding on to my finger. Today he would have been 34 weeks in the whomb.


Anonymous said...

Hi Moonie, My prayers has been with all you ......I can't belive all of that mishaps...Thank God for her doctor was there for her...take care..Fran

cindy wilson said...

Doctors sometimes can be the problem. Glad everything is getting straighten out. Great news to hear Mom and baby doing better. God Bless all of you.


JustSue said...

Those photos are just lovely! Thanks for sharing the news with us Moon!