Monday, May 28, 2007


YES...I'm sure many can relate. Shopping for a bra is no fun...NO FUN!...These Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders are the most inconsistant when it comes to size. If you change brand names, forget about trying the same size from one brand to the other. OY VEY... all I want is some more support for my shrinking orbs of joy. They need better harnessing in order to not cause bodily harm while on the dreaded treadmill. Granted I can no longer legally call them Planets of Pleasure. Hense the need for new bondage of sorts for these petered out pectorals?

I swear I tryed on a gazillion bras...expensive to pricey, I don't care what they cost as long as they are comfy and fit properly. I have to alter (MACHINE SEW) the straps on my old ones to hold the knockers up higher which is fine but I wanted a cpl new ones for actually leaving the house lol. Oddly enough some cheapys fit best, so I got 2. Given that I will have to revisit this torturous process over the course of the next yr I'm thankfull it is cost affective.

Another bane of my existance lately is massive hairloss. Not normal, (it's spring shedding time) hair loss. This is hands full of hairloss. Reams of folical anarchy!
Why? Well, seems it's common among many who have had weightloss surgery. From 3 to 5 months after surgery, body goes into starvation mode, hense it rebells and starts store food, and cause major hairloss. PPl can loose up to 50% of there hair..not the normal 10% we lose on a regular basis. Hense my initial panic when I started seeing hands full of hair in the shower then more when combing out then again brushed full after styling...u can now see my scalp alot easier. I don't have a thick head of hair to start with. Most are deceaved because it's very curly..but straightened, it's very thin.

I have to up my protein intake. To try to stop it and to try to ironically lose wieght. I have been at a stand still since my 50 lbs loss. I vary between 50 and 53 lost. Dispite getting on the treadmill 6 days a week. It's frustrating for sure.

WHY, OH WHY...I ask, does all hair loss have to be in the places we don't want it to vacate?

WHY OH WHY can't nature do us some favours by letting those areas we constantly tend too just miraculously dissappear?

U know the places....mustache, armpits, legs, nether areas...or those ever appearing chin hairs u swore weren't there yesterday but seem to have grown an inch during the night!

I swear when that happens I have visions of Repunzal Repunzal, throw down your hair!!!...At the rate of chin hair growth, I would bet the author of that story actually came up with it due to some chin hair.

Any way to make a short story pun intended....I was telling a nurse friend of mine about my hairloss. She found an article written by a woman who had the same thing...I have since found many myself. A product recommended was Silica Complex...made huge difference and stopped the hairloss and promoted healthy regrowth. I looked for it here but to no avail. I have since ordered it online. Hope to get it soon. Won't hurt to try anyway along with taking more protien. Hopefully I won't be bald by the time we leave next month for Chicago.

I will be pulling my hair out untill it gets here I guess!


JustSue said...

Don't panic over the mini plateau - I am hovering myself just 3 lbs away from 50lbs...and I have been that way for over a week. I had to put a stop (hopefully temporarily) to interval running on the treadmill due to a painful knee injury/strain ...which I didn't allow to heal fully and promptly reinjured again..grrr. It's been almost a month! I am however still doing my free weights routine. Have you thought about incorporating weight training into your routine? 3 days a week on top of your cardio will really help!

And I literally laughed out loud over your bra search..been there and blogged that girlfriend! We're both in the same boat!

Anna said...

Not to worry Monette, it's just another hurdle that you'll get through with flying colors or in your case colours *snickers*.

...and if you're bald when you get here I'll shave my head so we're bald together!


~*~E~*~ said...

Remember to measure your inches, too! You could be shrinking and not know it!! They say Biotin and Zinc are good for the hair loss. I take the Biotin daily and mine has slowed down. Good luck with the rest of your journey. Thank you for blogging about it.