Monday, December 03, 2007


As much as I feel younger since my health is better, some parts of me I have no control over. I went for my eye test today and as I suspected, reading glasses were in order. I can still read with no problem but if tired my eyes get strained and really tear up alot. When the doctor showed me the difference the glasses made it was enough for me to get me some of those! I didn't want to spend alot, just the standard ones they had was fine. There weren't alot of choices but I liked the funkier ones so I picked the brightest one they had lol...Hey, I don't have to wear them all the time and I think they are cute. Might as well enjoy them lol.What do u think? School marm or sexy teacher? Cute intellect or colour blind bat brain?

As for my hair...well, thats a whole other thing...IT'S SHORT!! I was liking the longer length I had before but unfortunately what I didnt loose a few months ago, what was left was not healthy, so as I started to bleach it to hide sparceness on top, after a few times the sick ones started to break. I had expected this but still bites! My hairdresser is the best. I have nothing negative to say about her work. It's all about my hair. The good news is that there is alot of regrowth coming in. Lots of fuzzies that are very difficult to style, along with the new needed alot more cut to even it out. In doing so, the longer hair in the nape looked odd so we shortened that also. Oh well, it will grow...alot more things to be thankful my new funky blue reading glasses!!

My first reading glasses

This past week winter really hit hard with lot's of cold and even more snow. I had to pull out the winter coat. OMG what a difference a winter can make. Many changes are gradual when losing weight but when the last time u put your coat on was when u went in for surgery .....well, see for yourself. This pic is taken with the coat done up! I can't believe I used to fill this up!

This is my coat done up!! wow

Below, I have overlapped it ...each edge actually meets where the side pockets are lol! I may get it taken in or give it to someone. For now I can't really afford a new coat so it will have to do. With xmas almost here I am not about to spend money on a coat. I would rather buy presents lol. So what if I am wearing a fuzzy tent! Do you have a problem with that? I don't! Besides...I have funky new reading glasses!

Too much coat!

In my flicker are a few more pics. My spring coat that is more sweater like thankfully hangs better lol. By next spring it might hang way to much but oh well...the horrid perils of losing alot of weight. Whoa is me. New clothes...ack..just the though of it pains me. ......NOT!


Omykiss said...

I love the specs. I bought mine thinking they were brown ... fluorescent lights are the WORST ... but they're more aubergine and more trendy than I intended but i like it ... i like it.

Granny Annie said...

I love the bright blue glasses. I think they are a symbol of your new brightness as you grow healthier and more beautiful and comfortable with yourself. It is fun to read your blog and feel you celebration.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE those adorable reading glasses! I have had to wear reading glasses for--Oh My Lordy....Almost 40 years!!!
I have always used the Half-type glasses, kind of like yours, and always tried to have FUN frames and chains, too....Cause for me, it was just easier to have them close at hand, around my neck....(I use them for Painting, to...)

You look Fabulous! And your hair is as cute as can be!

How FANTASTIC that you have lost all that weight! Amazing how that coat fits now....! CONGRATULATIONS on this...You Did Good!!!

kenju said...

I LIKE your frames!! Your hair looks good in that photo,so your hairdresser must be very good - I can't see any damage.

You could belt that coat and wear it like that - nice and roomy...

PI said...

Moon you look great you must be very proud. I think cutting hair strengthens it and is a good thing to do regularly. The glasses are fun and its always useful to have a coat big enough to put sweaters on underneath in the winter. Clever girl!

Bess said...

The glasses are adorable! :) And your hair is really cute like that! I think that long hair can be so pretty, but short hair really shows off a person's features. I go back and forth between short and long -- my hair has been quite short for the last two years, and it's just getting long enough again that I can put it into pigtails. :)

cindy wilson said...

You look great coat, glasses and all. I would say sexy school teacher with a beautiful soul.

rfun6 said...

Oh my gosh, join the group. I have wear some glasses now to read. I can see far away and don't have to wear them for driving or anything. But when I read something it is all fuzzy. Doc told me it was called old age eyes. I said "can't we pop these out and put some new ones in?" he said nope not yet. LOL. You are getting so skinny. Well at least with doubling the coat, you will keep yourself warmer. I'm jealous again.