Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Look who I found sleeping under the tree! Not an hour earlier, I had placed the first presents there. I think he has designated himself the GIFT GUARD DOG! I'm just wondering how he will react this week as we add more gifts...they will certainly eek out his cozy nook here lol.

Look who I found sleeping under the tree.

Tobad the camera doesn't really pick up all the lights I have in the tree...I swear I put over 1000 of them in there lol.

dogs 106

I thought I would add this pic below as a reminder what summer looks like lol. Specially after the snow storm we had on sunday.

SUMMER 07.....




We got over 2 feet of snow on sunday...btw, some ppl asked me if Chris got home ok sunday night. He did , 3 hours late, and when he finally got here he had to shovel the drive for an hour to get the vehicle in. This was the 3rd time the driveway had been shoveled on Sunday! The good news is that Chris doesn't go back to work till Friday...the perks of working weekends. YAY!

So tomorrow is my shopping day...I hope to get the few things left on my list for xmas. Also get the 2 remaining things needed for my new bathroom...I am going to finish sewing my fabric border accents on my new towels today. So I am really hoping to take some AFTER pics of the new bathroom tomorrow...we will probably stick a bow on the bathroom door also, since it's basically our xmas present lol ..We decided to be very lean in terms of xmas presents to ourselves because of it...and thats just fine with me...I get such pleasure going into my new bathroom ..my new mirrow and lights are so nice..I reorganized all my stuff, put a shelf with baskets for everyting under the sink in the vanity. We accumulate so much useless stuff, it feels good to go through it all once in awhile lol.

So I will be posting bathroom pics soon I promise...Untill then, I am in the spirit, can't wait to get abit more shopping done...have some baking lined up for this weekend...and got a bunch of stockings to stuff with doodads and whatnots later lol. I don't have anywhere to put them out empty really so I will just take them out at midnight on xmas eve.

I have just loved all the comments about different traditions on my last post...keep them coming..It's so special to learn how others celebrate their holidays.


cindy wilson said...

Tree looks lovely and the dog is just precious. Molly is too hyper to get under the tree for a pic.


kenju said...

Very nice pics, Moon, and I think all animals like to sleep under the Christmas tree. Come and see my new post later tonight, to see what sleeps IN the tree....LOL