Friday, December 21, 2007


FINALLY DONE! Merry Christmas to Us!! I'm sticking a bow on the bathroom door I swear! I just love it! For a small bathroom..I think I made it look light and clean with abit of style...If not, I like it anyway lol.

But first...let's recap the BEFORE...dark bathtub in the corner, hidious tiles, and even worse wallpaper over all, (was removed before pic).

Decor-reno 005

Decor-reno 006

Downstairs Bathroom 2

To this...Chris worked so hard. I love the new granite top on the old vanity. All new fictures with new lights, mirrow and accessories. Heck, all new walls and floor also!

Downstairs bathroom 2 Downstairs bathroom 4 Downstairs bathroom 6

It may not be evident here but the bathroom seems so much larger then it was . I went for the luxury of white towels and sewed on an accent stripe to match the bold fabic I have on the wall as a decorating feature. I did the same with the candles.

What do u think? Hate it? Love it?....Opinions are's fun to exchange notes..share ideas. I'm so into the christmas spirit now that it's all done!!! JOYEUX NOËL TO ALL !!


Anna said...

I absolutely LOVE it!

What a huge difference and I've been in there so I kknow what it used to look like. The space is larger and less cramped that's for sure and the color scheme and decor is gorgeous.

I can't wait to try it out.


gautami tripathy said...

That looks simply marvellous. I like the colour scheme and Everything!

Glad Michele sent me here to have a dekko at it!

As I mentioned at Michele's, the "URL" option is backwith the nickname. That way clicking on the name takes you direct to the blog. To check that, click on my name here!

Do spread the word! We google/bloggers need it!

rfun6 said...

put lots of long peacock feathers in the back floor vase by the shower, would make color of light blue walls stand out more. Or something colorful like that. Looks great. I just love home fix ups and improvements.Did a great job!!

PI said...

Clever girl! It's lovely. Have a happy time and peace and good health in 2008.

cindy wilson said...

The bathroom looks great. Your personal touches make it very special. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hugs and Kisses

kenju said...

Moon, I'm impressed! It looks really nice and I love that corner shower!

Merry Christmas!

gautami tripathy said...

Michele send me back to have a look at your bathroom again. It sure looks great!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

FABULOUS! It is just Gorgeous! Would your hubby like to take a trip to L.A.? (LOL)...He and you did a mafnificent job! It must be such a pleasure to use this very beautiful bathroom. CONGRATULATIONS!

oranginadreams said...

it looks stunning. I love the colors. What I wouldn't give for a brand new bathroom...

kimbofo said...

Oh wow!! Looks lovely. We are desparate to do up our bathroom, but keep putting it off. This has given me some inspiration!