Sunday, December 16, 2007


OK, It's a sickness! I like to dress them up sometimes. I swear I don't make them endure things long lol. This pic took alot of trys, and a treat stuck to my nose for them to look my way, all while keeping the antlers on LMAO... Oy, the things I do sometimes. So they aren't smiling but they LOVE me anyway! If you click on the pic itself u will see it better, for some reason it gets cropped off on the blog.


I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit. We are in the home stretch with the bathroom. It's basically DONE! I just have to sew the accent borders on my towels, get a free standing towel rack, and a floor vase to put my branches in. Then and only THEN will I take a finished photo of the ensemble. I can't wait! I should be getting those things all done this week.

I got my tree done lastnight. I really hate doing it lol, It's such a chore for me, but I am always so happy when it's done.

We are being hit by a major snow storm as I type is worse then the one we had last week of 35 centimeters in a day...It hasn't stopped since morning. At times, it's even hard to see the house across the street through the blizzard conditions. Chris is at work right not...supposed to finish after 8pm tonight...I can't help but wonder and worry about his trip home. The snow plows are hardly making dents with such conditions. I am very thankful that we have a 4 x 4 traction on the vehicle.

On one other note...have I ever mentioned how much I love EBAY. Luckily I am not one to shop online often lol. But when needed...ebay is the place. The cpl things Cleo wanted for xmas have been sold out all over weeks ago. I got everything in ebay...sure u pay abit more and the shipping but it's worth it to see the happiness of someone recieving something they really wanted. At my house, I refuse to give money as a gift. My neice always comes her for xmas to open gifts and this yr is no exception..whe will come with her bf and their little son. When they all go to my ex's house for their celebrations, they ALL get money. I think money is get what they want, but it's also no fun. nothing to open with anticipation, or tear the bow off. So for yrs, they always get real gifts here and money from everyone on her dads side. I also feel that...they can't be much bothered with actually shopping for the girls...just stick some cash in a card. My daughter is getting a real gift from her uncle this yr, only because he gave me the money to do so because I knew what she wanted. I'm just glad that they know that they get to open gifts here. I also have to do the tree and decorate lol...No one else goes to that trouble either. I'm the only one who still does a tree. No matter how old they get, they are still kids inside when it comes to Christmas lol. I'm glad I can still give them that.

I do understand that after the kids grow up, many stop doing all the decor etc...or spend xmas elsewhere.

Do you still do a tree? Or decorate for the holidays no matter what your beliefs? I don't want to leave out those who don't celebrate Christmas. What kind of decorations do Jewish people do for Hannukah for instance? I love hearing about the traditions of others. For instance, I have always followed a french tradition of opening out gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve...we stay up very late into the night. Tell me about yours.


Leigh in Atlanta said...

I live with my parents and they are traditional christmas people so we do a tree and stockings and stuff. We open one presnt each on cristmas eve and on christmas morning no one gets go into the living room until everyone has breakfast in their hands. Santa leaves his gifts unwrapped on the ireplace and the rest are under the tree.

I'm a druid so I would stll have a tree but my gift day comes earlier because we would open gifts on the solstice.

oh, the one thing that we do that is kind of out of keeping with the rest of our traditions is the hiding of the pickle ornament on christmas eve after the kiddies have gone to bed. who ever finds it first on christmas morning gets a special gift.

Michele sent me and now I think I will do a post about our holiday traditions on my own blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am Jewish, but I don't decorate for Hanukkah...I do have a little tree and it is quite special to me...I've had it for a good thirty-five years...maybe a little more...I Celebrate Christmss with my friend Betty and her family...And the tradition there is to open presents Christmas Day! It is always special to be there and I look forward to the day and the lovely feeling we all have for each other!

Very cute pictures of your Doggies, by the way! I love that you have a treat placed on your head to keep their attention...LOL!

PI said...

We are visiting family so - apart from the journey - have it easy. We have a lot of presents to take and I suggested to my husband the we didn't take our own personal presents from the other children. He agreed but then I persuaded him that we might as well open them so we did. Now I feel guilty. A little. The dogs look very cheeky:)

The Witch Doctor said...

This year we're not doing any tree or decorations... mainly because we won't be here for christmas eve, christmas day or boxing day.
Also because I'm being a depressed ass who's stuck in a funk and hating all things to do with christmas.
I've explained to the kids that Santa isn't coming here because he knows that we'll be at grandmas house this year.
As for traditions, on Christmas Eve, we always have a light meal of cream of mushroom soup and grilled cheese sandwiches - its always been a good start to the holidays since ya end up gorging everywhere else.
We also sit around as a family and play games (cards, board games and such) throughout the holiday.

Star said...

we still get a real tree. It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love looking at it all lit up at night. Have a wonderful holiday Moon!

Omykiss said...

I'm Scottish. We tend to ignore Christmas and celebrate the New Year (hogammay) in true spirit ... whiskey mostly!

rfun6 said...

Oh I am the old fashion one.
I celebrate Jesus's birthday. I like singing "Let it Snow", "Jingle Bells", etc. We have tree and decorations. I even decorated the dog, like you did, yours. I can't hardly imagine not having a tree. We always did Christmas, even when we're dirt poor. Didn't have much but we did what we could. LOL.

I was raised where the presents were wrapped and put under tree, and you got to see them and shake them and wonder what you got, all month long. Hubby was raised where the presents weren't under the tree until the night before. I put them out about a week before, just to compromise.He usually talks me into everyone opening a present the night before. But on Christmas morning we get up real early. Well, early for us, 6 or 7(since we are night people) and if the kids don't wake us first, we wake them. Usually we are more excited than the kids. Then we rip and tear open everything. Then everyone sits back and plays with stuff. I cook some dinner and we eat.

Well thats about it. I still haven't gotten done yet. But this year so far is pretty good. Bout time.

cindy wilson said...

When the kids were small, I would either make or buy a special Christmas ornament that they could open on Christmas eve and hang on the tree. I did that for about 5 years until the kids started a life of their own.

Happy Christmas everyone