Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I was looking through pics and thought a BEFORE- AFTER would be good lol.


Summer 07


Winter is here (nov 07)

Tayo loves the snow. Keeps putting his nose in it..and after a few trys of getting a pic of it before it melted...I got this one...

Tayo, sniffing snow

Christmas is officially here for me when I have sent out my xmas cards. I got all 50 of them done Sunday night and mailed them off yesterday!! I always feel like yelping in glee when they are done. I address each one by hand in caligraphy (even though it could be done perfectly with a printer,it's just not the same). I enclose my xmas letter in each one with a personal note and I seal them all with an old fashioned looking wax (actually glue) seal. I look apon my cards as a small gift. The time I spend on each is time I am thinking about the recipient. I will post my xmas letter as soon as the few online friends and family have recieved theirs lol.

As time goes by, the art of the LETTER becomes less evident. We use email, file forwarding, and contacts are at our fingertips. It's great for so many things. As it's just as easy to phone ppl all over the world. I LOVE technology!

That said...I still think that there is NOTHING like recieving a real letter or card in the mail...SNAIL MAIL! Some are plain, some have colourful stickers, some have cool return address labels (mine are charactures of all of us !) As you savaur the envelope, see your address handwritten on it by a friend or family member. You know that u were in their thoughts as they prepared it, bought or made the card or took the time to write you a note. The simple anticipation as u rip the seal and open the card or letter is always special. Each card makes you smile and be thankful. They are a gift of thier time and thoughts.

I know some of you answered this question on an earlier post...for those who haven't...or wish to elaborate....Do you do xmas cards? Do you love recieving them? Or are u past snailmail and do E-cards instead?


Omykiss said...

I can handle email but e-cards should be banned .... I HATE them almost as much as I hate junk emails and while I can happily hit the delete button on junk I do feel a little guilty hitting the delete on e-cards.

kenju said...

I used to love choosing cards and sending them to special friends and family, but now that US postage is 41 cents each, I have curbed the number we send out. I do send some e-cards.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE Christmas Cards, and I DO send them....Not every year..(Too complicated to explan)...BUT, for the last two years I am sending them, again...I think they are a lovely way to keep in touch with people and though I am not a Christian, (I send Holiday Cards)...I love the feeling behind the sending of cards....
I have just been going through years and years of stuff./..And came across many MANY Christmas/Holiday Cards I have saved....And seeing many of them once again, has been lovely. Especially the ones that are pictures of family's, etc....

I think it is WONDERFUL that you take some much care and love with the cards you send out...! BRAVO to you for this "special" little gift you send to those you love....!

GREAT Before & After! WOW@ You got a lot of snow! And it is BEAUTIFUL! I see why the contrast of my current post is so amazing!
Stay Warm!

PI said...

I have done 75 this year and write a message on each one and about six get a letter also. All done with just one last letter to write. Fortunately my arthritic thumb is much better this year so it has been fairly painless. BTW when I see family and friends before Christmas they get a ;hand delivery to save postage:)

Bob-kat said...

I love giving and receiving cards at Christmas and still do it for Birthdays too! It's rare to get a real letter these days and it is such a shame.

I love the snow pic :) We rarely get any where I am.

PI said...

I just love your snowy nosed pooch.
Here again Moon - this time courtesy of Michele and then it's beddy byes for me. Night night!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is the cutest picture of your dog! Really makes me smile...!

You are absolutely right on the money with "spec"...It does indeed mean, this home is being built by someone---speculating that someone will buy it....What surprises me about this is that being such a huge house on a very special parcel of land...I thought it was being built for people or by the people who will live there. WRONG!

It is quite risky, I think, to do this with such a specialized property....And here in Los Angeles, most people want to 'design' their own interior, etc. and they always do major renovations and changes...So it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I am gussing that they still have a good 8 to 12 months to finish this house---including landscaping, etc....! Stay Tuned! (lol)

Marty said...

We had a dog that looked just like your dog! It was so fun to see the picture of snow on the nose! Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's fun to know there's someone on the other end of my publish post button!

Surcie said...

Hey, Moon!
We still do the cards and I'm sure we always will. My husband wants to do a letter, too. But that just seems like too much more work. (Guess I'm too much of a perfectionist.)

This year we're getting so many cards in which the sender's name is pre-printed inside. So, a lot of the snail-mailers don't actually write anything anymore. But I guess that's better than email.


Anonymous said...

Hey Moon,
I feel the same way as you about holding a "real" card in my hand and the anticipation of opening it...sort of like Christmas everytime I get a card.

Sounds like things are going well at your end of the world. I miss seeing you on Pogo. I'm working midnights now, so I don't get to catch up with my pogo friends like I used to.

We are anticipating the arrival of our first grandchild in January...so exciting!!!!

You look so happy and wonderful and I love reading your blog. A very Merry Christmas to you, Chris and Cleo. Love, Lori