Monday, September 06, 2004


My last story reminded me of another that took place many years ago. Or should I say decades. I was about 13 yrs old, same as my daughter is now actually. It was in the summer of 76 or 77 I can't be sure. I was lucky enough to be growing up in the British Columbian Rockies in a small skiing town called Fernie.

We lived on a small piece of land just outside the towns limits. Part of our land was just forest going uphill with some very big trees, most of which were pine. Some of these trees had such long full branches that touched the ground that once you pushed your way through them it almost felt like you had found a secret place. An empty room that you could hide in or spy with by looking through a small hole in the pines . What a cool fort it made.
One day my friend Margarette and I decided that we wanted to spend the night in our newly found fort. One side of the room was quite flat, considering it was on a hill. It would be easy enough to be comfortable with a few blankets on the flat area. So having decided that we went off to ask our parents.

They mocked us ofcourse. Her by her brothers, laughing up a storm at her expense, saying we would not last an hour. I thankfully had no brothers but my dad had his turn in a more subtle way ... his half cocked smile with the resounding SNORT... was enough to know he was of the same opinion as Margarette's brothers.

We would SHOW THEM!! So we gathered a bunch of comfortable blankets , pillows and a whole slew of survival gear. All of which was absolutely necessary like cookies, juice, chocolate bars, candy, comic books, note pad and pencils, magazines, flashlight and our prized posession was a transistor Radio and lots of batteries.

We hawled our goods up the hill to our fort. It was all freshly swept from that afternoon so it was a quick job to settle in and get comfy. We giggles like the girls, we were all drapped on our blankets flipping through comics, listening to the tunes of that summer on the radio while stuffing our faces with what ever was at hand....not to mention laughing at her brothers haha , they knew nothing the jerks.

It eventually started to get dark so we decided to get cozier in our blankets to just talk and listen to the music playing. We were yapping away when we heard a CRACK! up higher on the hill coming down from the mountain. ...then we both relaxed and giggles at eachother. Then CRUNCH!!.. there is was again! Seemed closer this time. We both had our ears strained to hear it again when a new song began to play on the radio that went....


Omg, talk about bad timing .As silly as it was, we really didn't need to hear that just then. ...CRACK!!....CRUNCH!!....COMING CLOSER AND CLOSER!!...and the song is getting faster in tempo with the same damn ...


By this time we can hear the thing approuching and we are in eachothers arms, trembling and almost pissin in fear when the steps are SO CLOSE...THE SONG IS AT ITS PEEK...AND ...AND ....SOME BRANCHES MOVE!!! OPEN UP!!! OMG !! OMG!!!'s my DAD!!! with a shit eating grin on his face , says..."So how you girls doing up here???"

OMG you know those times when you could just kill your parents? THAT was one of those times. He had purposely gone way up on the hill to make his way down NOISELY ofcourse, to scare the begibbers out of us...Needless to say after that fiasco, we didn't much feel like staying there any longer. So they were right. We chickened out and by the way, I still hate that dumb song!


~*Kris*~ said...


OMG moonie.. that reminds me of the time I was asleep in the trailer, and my brothers decided to scare me by shaking it and screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. Those bastards! Family is nuts.

'course...I DID tell my little brother that he was an alien and our parents were spies for the government sent to make sure he didn't fly off home before they were able to dissect him. So I guess we're even on that.

Shannon said...

That's what you get for thinking you know it all :P

Red Clover said...

That sounds like something my father would have done. I was about 10 and ramblin in the woods behind our house one day. Little did I know he was stalking silently (or almost) behind me. I'd hear the occasional twig break and look back.. not see anything.. I finally got scared and started back to the house. When he jumped out from behind the tree, he scared me so bad I had hysterics. He felt like crap!

Rachel Ann said...

LOL!!!! The meany!!!! That's okay, you can get revenge on your kids, and the cycle will continue. Your dad sounds like one funny guy!

lab munkay said...

Moon, this story made me feel like I was right there with you in my cool flower covered covered sleeping bag, looking at the ads for sea monkeys in the back of "Archie" comic books and listening to "Summertime". (In the summer time, when the weather is fine, you shretch right up and touch the sky. You got women you got women on your mind, boy.)