Sunday, September 19, 2004

Decorating or Doodling?

Anyone visiting my blog may have noticed a few *changes . Some could term this as decorating. I however term it as my way of doodling. Why doodling you may ask . Well, do you remember sitting in class lost in thought and be doodling the front of your notebook ? (I heart ____)(PEACE + LOVE) or puppy's and swirls, fairies and flowers.
I am still the consummate doodler. I can not go without drawing 3 dimensional shapes if I happen to be on the phone and have a pen in my hand. I will be trying to create the perfect box on paper without even being aware of it while trying to write a letter to a friend and collecting my thoughts.
If one thing is consistant its that doodles have no rhyme or reason, they just are. They often just show up and either make a mess or become gaudy but have a charm of their own. This is why I am doodling on my blog lol.
I can stick what ever I want on here . Either sparkling and silly, funny or blue. No matter what it is its fun to do. Gaudy and gauche , whimsical or true, I love just seeing it ...who knew??
Part of the fun is hunting things down, finding something new. For myself or someone else its all great to do. Or when a friend does the same and has found something for you its just as exciting to see what it is wooo hooo. Where can I put it, how will it do? How does this template work and do I need some glue?
Needless to say I am having fun and even considering a totally new template ....gawd forbid lol. So try to enjoy all the bits and pieces that will come and go. I am kept busy getting them all to flow. Although it all serves a purpose, don't you know. As I scan the net for all this stuff, it gives me time to ponder what I will write about , sooooooooooo.................


Scroller said...

Your talents never cease to amaze me.
An artist, a scribe, a poet, a phylosopher, a cutiepatootie.
I love to browse your blog.
Keep it up Monette, you are changing the world!

Squirrels said...

I'm a doodler too! yeah. I like your doodles. Keep it up, change it up. Express yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you said DROOLER...oops silly me!
Luv it all, so glad you got me started in blogging.
If you can guess who this is, email me. ;)