Thursday, September 09, 2004

Raining Peace

You know those days you wake up and look outside and see YUCK.....You know what I mean, those rainy, cold, windy days that make you want to crawl back into bed and just obliterate it with sleep.

Lucky me, I knew that once all were off to where they were going..I would be able to actually do just that. ...Let myself just crawl back into my bed of bliss on a rainy day. OMG...You know the feeling. The sheer indulgence of getting back inside the blankets. Your legs rubbing against the sheets as you lazily stretch out with a huge smile on your face. FEEL the sound of the rain and wind outside as you enjoy not having to go out there like so many times before. Letting the rhythm lull you into total relaxation as you huddle deeper in your cocoon of warmth and peace. It seems that it's at those times that our bodies surrender to a much deeper slumber. As if a much needed shut down takes place to envelope ones whole self.

It would also seem that when you are actually able to partake in this decedent indulgence of a brain dead, state of wellbeing, one should also assume that the law of nature will dictate a rude interruption to said activity.

The surf is calm as I let it wash up on my feet. Lapping at my toes as I curl them in the sand. Stooping to pick up shells and star fish I notice one waving at me. Going closer I pick it up, turning it over in my hand , it starts ringing. I dumbfoundedly look at this ringing star fish and think....STOP IT!!! STOP RINGING !!.....I throw it back in the water but it continues to ring . Even getting louder now....its disturbing's causing a fog to appear around me. I feel like my eyes are glued wait ....IT'S THE DAMN PHONE!!!!....

I swear to god....I think if someone called to ask me to be a guinea pig in a medical experiment at that moment, I would agree to have a boob attached to my forehead just so I could HANG UP THE PHONE!!

Instead its a mag. subsciption sales person....and it's her lucky day...I politely ask her to give me her home phone number so I can call her back at her worst possible time of day, be it when making supper or sleeping in. Regardless of when I promised to get back to her. CLICK

Sigh of relief..your eyes are still heavy and you just may be able to find that perfect beach....breathing gets slower , shoulders untense, yeahhhhhhhh it's all good. Hmmmmm

RINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!RINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!WHAT??? "We are doing a fashion survey on items you may buy in your local....".........I LIVE AS A HERMIT IN A WOOD CABIN IN THE WOODS......I EAT WILD MEAT AND USE THE BONES TO COMB THROUGH MY RATTY HAIR......I DON'T THINK I AM THE RIGHT ONE TO CALL ABOUT FASHION.....snorts then hang up.

Lies back on pillow looking at the ceiling. Ok maybe this can still be salvaged. Take a deeeeep breath in.....then out.........slowly. Ahhhh yes...relax................

RING!!!!!!.........OH FOR THE LOVE OF...sits up....OK, YOU WIN....I'M UP! I'M UP mailto:!!!*&%$@?!&?$#@!

How was your day???


Shannon said...

Welcome to my world! At least you get the decadent luxury of going back to bed. I get that crap when I'm trying to get just normal sleep. I'm really starting to rethink this night shift gig.


*walks away thanking self that she didn't call Moonie today*

Squirrels said...

Ok, I now want to be considered a fan. I love your writing moon and the way you tell a story. It is so good. Keep going. I will keep readin. Maybe you can make a lot of money doing this and I can take a cut. LOL :)
Yes, thats the way it happens when you are trying to do something, sleep, eat, shower, etc. the phone rings or someone comes over. Snuggling under the covers is the best especially on a rainy day. Whether by yourself or with some special french man. :)

Scroller said...

I call long distance from BC. wanting to share a few loving words. I get *&)(*)**##@#$% from th eother end.
Nest time Monette I will write an email. Love ya babe

moon said...

OMG I love you guys lol.......bunch of @!%$#@$ goobers hehe

~*Kris*~ said...

Moonie.. I hate the phone. I wouldn't have one if I didn't feel it would help my husband land a gig. I DO, however... feel your pain of the interrupted mellow. lol...
every time I find a mellow spot, someone seems to come in and piss me off. I swear.. I'm gonna have a heart attack by the time I'm thirty two.

BTW... loved your're a good writer. You should start charging for berating people on peachy's blog though.. you're danged good at it!

Sacred65 said...

Amen....AMEN! sister...... I hear your plea and I'm thinking UNPLUG THE PHONE HONEY CHILD AND GET BACK to sand sculptures :D *smooch*